Please let me know if there is anything needs to be changed or added I will be happy to carry any changes, just leave me a message and will get back to you as soon as I can Just goodbye for now, but I will be here if you need any changes RRunning head: ARE YOU FATIGUED?1Are you Fatigued?NameCourseDateARE YOU FATIGUED?2Are you Fatigued?IntroductionFatigue results from either the acute or cumulative sleep loss, as the individual does notmanage to meet the minimum sleep requirements, he’s accustomed to. This exercise monitors thelevel of fatigue I experienced in the last 72 hours based on a series of variables. The variablesanalyzed include the duration of sleep on each of the days, the time worked, and whether I hadtime to sufficiently recover after a long working day. The exercise also accounts for the level ofbaseline sleep of the individual, as it determines whether the person has met the necessary hoursof sleep he needs to recover from the daily stress.ResultsThe results obtained from the analysis of my sleep and work pattern are as follows:Baseline sleep (hours)7.50Typical commute time (hours)0.5Hours slept in the last 24 hours5.60Hours worked in the last 24 hours8.3Hours slept in the last 48 hours11.7Hours worked in the last 48 hours16.8Hours slept in the last 72 hours17.2Hours worked in the last 72 hours25.3DiscussionI do not consider myself as a shift worker, as I generally start and finish work at aroundthe same time during the different days. There are, however, situations in which I need to travelfor work reasons and become more fatigued for some days until my body gets accustomed to thenew situation and has sufficient time to recover after the journey. I do, however, have both acuteand cumulative sleep loss considering how I rarely manage to sleep the same time on a workdaythan on a non-workday. During the workdays, I accumulate a considerable amount of sleep lossARE YOU FATIGUED?3that contributes to increasing my level of fatigue during the week. As noted from the observedresults, I was not able of reaching the baseline sleep of a non-workday any of the days, as I justslept around 5-6 hours per day instead of the 7.5 hours I sleep on an average day.Moreover, I was overworking for some minutes each of the days. According to thesefigures, I suffered from both acute and cumulative sleep loss. The acute sleep loss accounted forapproximately 2 hours per day, while the 72-hours cumulative sleep loss was of 5.3 hours.While fatigued, I am unable to perf…


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