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LOGM 3220: Contemporary Logistics Assignment 3 Answer all questions Due dates: Please refer the due date in GaView. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to review the role and impact of Supply Chain and Logistics on global economics. Skills: You will practice following skills which are essential as a SCLM student: • Collecting and evaluating the necessary information from various sources • Summarizing the most relevant information on your topic • Composing a well-organized, clear, and thorough discussion on selected topics Knowledge: By doing this assignment, you will: • Learn about using logistics in strategic planning. • Learn about logistic strategic decisions. • Learn about measuring logistical performance. Task: Please see page 2 Criteria for success: Please read the instructions below. You can discuss the questions with colleagues. But you are not allowed to share your work. Alike assignments will earn a grade of 0 first time. Alike assignments will lead to an F in the course second time. Previous semester assignments will earn a grade of 0 first time. Previous semester assignments will lead to an F in the course second time. Sources and Plagiarism Cite your sources (i.e., websites, books, magazines, etc.) Answers without sources will not earn grade. Plagiarism: To use the same words as your source. Plagiarism leads to a 0 in the assignment. No matter if it is only a sentence. Be organized and professional. Present all work in ONE .pdf or .docx file. Zip files, Excel files, image files are not accepted. Consistent formatting is expected (Line spacing, margins, fonts, numbering, etc.) Answers must be presented in sentences with correct grammar. Answers without proper support will not earn any grade. Include calculations when necessary. Refer to appendices when explaining your answer. Type the answers. Non-typed answers are acceptable only in calculations and figures. When a software is used for calculations, show screen captures as supporting work. When a software is used for calculations, provide the file with calculations separately. LOGM 3220: Contemporary Logistics Task: Answer all questions 1) [15 points] Choose one organization from one of the following categories. Explain the key operations of that organization. Explain how logistics is used to provide strategic advantage in that organization providing examples. (150-200 words.) a) For-profit organization b) Non-profit/ government organization Example: Red Cross is a non-profit organization. Its key operations include disaster relief and hosting blood donation campaigns. Logistics is used in Red Cross . 2) [15 points] Provide one example for and discuss how logistics can impact the each of the three generic strategies: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus strategy. (150-200 words.) 3) [15 points] List four logistics strategic decisions. Choose one of them and explain what type of tools/ methods are used to make that decision. 100-150 words. 4) [15 points] In 150-200 words, explain why logistics activity measures are important? Provide at least 3 examples for logistics activity measures. 5) [15 points] Providing an example for each explain the differences between: a) Fragmented logistics structure and Unified logistics structure. b) Centralized and decentralized logistics department. 6) [15 points] Provide one example organization each that uses logistics network to provide: a) Relevancy (to satisfy current and emerging customer needs) b) Responsiveness (to accommodate unique or unplanned customer requests) c) Flexibility (to address unexpected operational situations) 7) [10 points] List at least four managerial issues in logistics. Choose one of them and describe how it affects logistics. Explain how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affects that issue. (100-200 words)


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