View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Outline1. Case studyi.Competitive strategy used by Tesla Motors companyii.Five forces of the M. Porter matrixiii.Functional strategies of the Tesla Motors company.iv.Relationship of Tesla Motors with its primary stakeholders.v.Market position of Tesla Motorsvi.Core competency of Tesla Motors.Strategic alliance used by Tesla MotorsMain challenges that Tesla Motors facedCompetitive advantage of Tesla Motors in its market.Solutions for Tesla Motorsvii.viii.ix.x.2. Mini-projecti.Introductionii.Reasons for acquisitioniii.Method used by the acquiring firmiv.Success of the acquisitionv.Challenges1‫المملكة العربية السعودية‬‫وزارة التعليم‬‫الجامعة السعودية اإللكترونية‬Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMinistry of EducationSaudi Electronic UniversityCollege of Administrative and Financial SciencesAssignment 2Strategic Management (MGT401)Due Date: 12/11/2022 @ 23:59Course Name:Strategic ManagementStudent’s Name:Course Code:MGT 401Student’s ID Number:Semester: 1CRN:Academic Year:2022-23-1stFor Instructor’s Use onlyInstructor’s Name:Students’ Grade: /15Level of Marks: High/Middle/Low21. Case StudyQuestion oneBroad product differentiation is the competitive approach used by Tesla Motors.Creating a product or service that stands out from the crowd is one example of a broaddifferentiation strategy. It has practical value in the industry and will find favor with a broadaudience. By creating a wide variety of items that stand out from those of competitors in thesame market, the company has a significant competitive edge. The company createsecologically friendly electric automobiles that stand out from the crowd of othermanufacturers. The company’s success and leadership in the industry may be directlyattributed to its focus on product differentiation.Question twoThe following five forces, which make up the M. Porter matrix, can be used tocharacterize the industry that Tesla Motors is a part of:1. Competitive rivalryIn its operations, Tesla Inc. faces stiff competition. Tesla faces stiffer competitionthanks to several external causes. A little number of enterprises (a feeble force), highaggressiveness (a well fortified force), and low switching costs are all examples of these. Theeffect of the external element hurts Tesla’s ability to compete. Meeting aggressiveness is theoutcome of Tesla’s marketing mix.2. Bargaining power of buyersCustomers of Tesla have average negotiating power. Tremendous success in theautomobile sector is the impact customers have on companies and products. Low switchingcosts, moderate availability, and low volume purchases are only a few of the external factorsand their effects that keep the bargaining power moderate. These features make it easier forTesla Motors’ customers to buy their products.33. Bargaining power of suppliersSuppliers to Tesla have a moderate amount of influence in negotiations. When itcomes to materials, the business is entirely reliant on outside vendors (Yang, 2022). Externalfactors with moderate intensities are those with moderate supplier size, moderate supply levelto the company, and moderate forward integration. On a forward basis, Tesla has a low levelof integration.4. Threat of substitute productsOne of Tesla’s modest forces is the possibility of competing products. Substituteshave an ever-changing impact on the auto sector. External influences and their intensityinclude low switching costs, moderate substitute existence, and moderate substituteperformance toward the company.5. Threat of new entrantsOne of the weak factors that Tesla must contend with in the automobile business isthe possibility of new entrants. The competitive landscape in which Tesla Inc. operates haschanged due to the entry of new companies (Yang, 2022). High expenses of branddevelopment, which affect the company only marginally, as well as high costs of doingbusiness and a high level of economies of scale within the industry, are examples of suchexternal factors.Question threeTesla Motors employs a variety of operational tactics, including but not limited to thefollowing:1.Research and development: Tesla Motors places a premium on R&D sincethe company strives to produce ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind goods that cannot befound anywhere else.42.Advertising and sales: Tesla Motors places a premium on advertising andsales because they want as many people as possible to know about their electric cars.3.Manufacturing: Tesla Motors places a premium on manufacturing,continually seeking ways to enhance the quality of their wares and boost theefficiency of their assembly lines.4.Finance: Tesla Motors places a premium on finance due to the company’songoing efforts to raise money for R&D endeavors.Question fourTesla motors has solid working relationships with the vast majority of its partners.The relationship between the designated company, the investors, and the stakeholders hassignificantly improved. Because of this connection, the company has expanded rapidly andbecome the market leader in the vehicle sector in a relatively short time. The businessresolves all conflicts with its stakeholders by employing a method known as CSR. As part ofTesla’s CSR strategy, which prioritizes the well-being of stakeholders, the company placesemphasis on employee well-being, as well as consumer protection and ethical sourcing; italso cultivates a strong corporate culture; it develops a robust organizational culture; itmonitors and reports on the impact of the company’s products and operations, and it placesemphasis on consumer safety.Question fiveAs of January 2022, the value of the Tesla Motors brand was projected to be $42.61billion. Compared to its global automobile industry rivals, this makes the corporation more5valuable than any other. Now that the company has numbers for the first six months of 2022,Tesla’s lead in the US market is at an impressive 68%. When one considers that Tesla cankeep its prices competitive even as some other electric car manufacturers upped their USdeliveries by 58% in the first quarter of the year, things begin to look very promising. Amongmanufacturers of high-end electric vehicles, Tesla Motors stands head and shoulders abovethe competition thanks to the originality and innovation of its offerings. The company’sproducts are more expensive than usual. However, it is unlikely to deter many buyers.Question sixTesla Motors’ core competencies are in backup battery technology, regulation of thepractice, and marketing, in addition to its fundamental competencies of cutting-edgeproduction procedures, automobile engineering, and power train. It is safe to say that powertrain engineering is Tesla’s main area of competence. Tesla’s drivetrain is built around batteryinnovation as its primary power source. All of the company’s products are made usingcutting-edge manufacturing techniques. In order to uphold its dominant spot in themarketplace, the corporation manufactures the vast majority of its goods using cutting-edgetechnology. Tesla has also mastered the engineering of vehicles, which has led to the creationof eco-friendly electric vehicles.Question sevenTesla Motors has expanded through strategic collaborations, joint ventures, andacquisitions. Tesla has formed several strategic alliances, one of which is with Daimler AG.Cooperation with Daimler AG has proven fruitful. Tesla supplies Daimler with the batteriesand know-how for producing an electric vehicle. In return, Tesla receives a considerable sumof money. In addition to the financial boost, Tesla will receive the components andengineering know-how necessary to begin production on the Model S sedan. Thanks to the6companies ‘ close partnership, Daimler’s first thousand electric smart vehicles have alreadybeen outfitted with Tesla’s lithium-ion battery packs and charging circuits. Therefore, thepartnership between the two companies is fruitful.Question eightOne of the most significant challenges was laying off 8% of the workforce inFebruary and March of 2021. Concerns have been expressed regarding the hazards in theworkplace and the overall attitude that the organization takes toward conducting business. Inaddition to this, Tesla had to contend with the challenge of procuring funding for its researchand development initiatives, the imperative of improving production efficiency, and the issueof enhancing both brand and product recognition. In addition, there were problems with thesupply chain, a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, and a lethal pandemic. The unusualstrategy that Tesla adopted in 2021 proved to be successful despite the challenges that wereencountered.Question nineTesla enjoyed an unbeatable lead in the market for electric automobiles for asignificant portion of the company’s history. The leading position in the electric vehicle (EV)market that Tesla currently holds was achieved because of the company’s cutting-edgeengineering and forward-thinking aesthetic. The company has earned a well-deservedreputation as a leader in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing as well as research anddevelopment, which serves as the basis for its competitive advantage. A few qualities that setthis business apart from its rivals are its cost leadership, product differentiation, and attentionto environmental protection. These are just a few of the many traits that the companypossesses.7Question tenIf it wants to become a significant player in the vehicle business of the future, Tesla,the recently risen automotive juggernaut, must recognize the requirement of ongoingadaptation and self-invention. Specifically, Tesla needs to ensure it keeps a culture ofcreativity and invention that extends beyond its current product, which is revolutionary inconcept but not so much in practice. The company’s competitive edge will grow andstrengthen as it creates a more streamlined customer experience. The best way for theorganization to achieve this is to streamline the market’s purchasing process. The corporationshould prioritize developing low-cost items and offering individualized customer service toattract a more extensive customer base. Additionally, by raising its marketing and salesefforts and doubling down on its R&D spending, Tesla Motors might gain a competitiveedge.8II. Mini projectQuestion oneTesla Motors Inc. and SolarCity Company are the two primary entities in thisacquisition. Both organizations have an American start and a Eur…


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