View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Strategic ThinkingStudent’s NameDepartment, Institutional AffiliationCourse Code: Course NameInstructor’s NameDue Date2Strategic Thinking and Its Implications for Organizational GoalsStrategic thinking refers to the analysis of existing resources and capabilities of anorganization with the aim of setting long-term goals that, if achieved, will lead to the growth anddevelopment of an organization. Strategic thinking is therefore focused on what a business canachieve in the future if it effectively uses available resources. A business analyzes both itsinternal and external business environment to identify key opportunities that it can takeadvantage of to achieve long-term growth. Possible changes that can be made to achieve setgoals are also identified as part of the strategic thinking process.Strategic thinking increases the chances of an organization surviving in the long term byenabling it to change its goals and objectives in response to changes in both the internal andexternal business environment (Alqershi, 2021). From time to time, a business may need tochange certain aspects of its operations if it is to survive and beat the competition. Through theuse of strategic thinking, a business is able to manage key risks that face its operations as well astake advantage of the opportunities that can be used for growth. Strategic thinking thereforecontributes to the long-term growth of a business by making it adaptable as well as innovative inits operations.Mindset ShiftA mindset shift is said to have taken place when a person or a business adopts a totallydifferent approach from the one they have always used. Each business usually has a culture thatdefines how it operates and how it solves the different problems that may be faced in itsoperations. These long-established practices are often difficult to change and often define thesuccess an organization is able to achieve using its resources. When a mindset shift takes place,an organization decides to change certain aspects of these long-standing practices as a way of3creating positive change that can contribute to its long-term growth (Holbeche, 2019). A mindsetshift enables a business to overcome the challenges that make it difficult to attain meaningfulchange. Change can only be implemented when internal forces in the organization that can resistit are eliminated. This can be best achieved through a mindset shift that enables an organizationto adopt a different and more efficient way of conducting its operations. A mindset shift can bebest implemented alongside strategic thinking, which enables a business to recognize what it iscapable of achieving with its resources.The Use of Strategic Thinking Principles to Meet Business ObjectivesA key advantage of strategic thinking is the fact that it enables businesses to identifyopportunities in their operations that can be used to achieve lasting growth. Strategic thinkinginvolves analyzing both the internal and external business environment of a business to identifyopportunities that can lead to growth (Pillai et al., 2020). A business is …


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