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Peer Post 1 – Erin Hello all! My Name is Erin Golden, I am from Fargo, North Dakota. I am married and have three children. I have an associates degree in Multimedia Technologies and Animation Specialization. I am Currently in the process of changing my career path and currently my major is Bachelor’s In General Studies with a concentration in Human Resources. I have no experience with Human Resources so I am very interested in everything I can learn more about the role in the work place. When I think of Human Resources I think of all the people working to keep track of all areas of the company and it’s goal in productivity. Human resource personnel have a lot to work with when it comes to roles in the company. They must help the employees get the benefits and their needs met. Human Resources also has to make sure the company goals are being met and makes sure the employees are thriving to reach that goal as well. “The role of HR as a strategic business partner is often described as “having a seat at the table” and contributing to the strategic direction and success of the organization” (Mathis, Jackson, Valentine). In my opinion it is very important for HR management to transform from primarily administrative to being a strategic contributor, because it will help HR personnel be able to understand the employees area of expertise. HR may hire on an employee with experience in a certain area of the company but if HR puts an employee in that area they may be missing out on better work performance if they were to better fit in another job role for the company. Reference Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., & Valentine, S. R. (2020). Human Resource Management (15th ed.). Cengage Learning. Ch 1 Section 13. https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/reader/books/9781337520164/epu bcfi/6/22 less Peer Response 2 – Raii Hello! I am Raii Easley. I am from South Louisiana. This is thankfully my last term here. I will have completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I am excited to be here, but also excited that this is my last Module One. I wish everyone luck in their studies and career aspirations. “Transforming the HR function into a strategic contributor can take your workforce strategies to the next level, increasing the value of your human capital to accrue distinct competitive advantages” (Ingram, 2017. Para. 1). Instead of just going through the motions of filing spots, when a business looks for quality talent, they get quality work. This quality can add so much value to a business. Being able to maximize human capital should be on a business’s top priority list. Retaining talent is important, but knowing how to replace talent getting promoted, moving on, or retiring requires much deliberation. Being competitive with salaries and benefits can help catch quality candidates’ eyes, but it usually takes a little more than a compensation package to win someone over long term. I find that work environment, policy enforced employee rights, and scheduled breaks can add so much to a compensation package. Ingram, D. (2017, November 21). Why is it important for HR management to transform from administrative to strategic contributors? Small Business – Chron.com. Retrieved October 27, 2022, from https://smallbusiness.chron.com/importanthrmanagement-transform-administrative-strategiccontributors-10236.html Professor Post to respond to: Hello VictoriaWelcome to class. It is great that you are seeking to enhance your skills and widen your career opportunities. Having an HR professional in the class is always great to get real world examples of some of the concept we will discussing throughout the course. You are absolutely correct when you mentioned that HR needs to focus more on recruiting talent and improving talent retention, job satisfaction, and employee commitment. Human capital is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. Getting the right people in the right seat is absolutely essential! People Analytics is a strategic approach that can help get the people where they need to be. This tool can go a long way in providing valuable metrics to make educated staffing decisions. These metrics can be especially helpful when an organization is contemplating a merger and/or acquisition. The use of HR/People Analytics allows HR to better assess turnover likelihood, provide data to be leveraged during acquisition negotiation, and more accurately predict ROI (Edwards & Edwards, 2019). Businesses must also evolve to remain competitive so why should HR be any different? In the end, those HR Departments that are able to adapt to the ever changing business arena, will be those that will be successful. Do you think HR professionals will be able to make this adjustment? Deborah References Edwards, M. R., & Edwards, K. A. (2019). Predictive HR Analytics Mastering the HR Metric (2nd Ed.). New York, NY: Kogan Page LTD.


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