College of Administrative and Financial Sciences ECOM101 – E-commerce E-commerce Project (Part B) Second Semester 2021-2022 Submission: Thursday Nov. 10th = 15 Marks Requirement: This is a continuous activity for part A, keep working on the same website you have chosen in part A. In this part you are required to evaluate one of the websites below based on what you learn from this course and your perspective. The evaluation will cover the different aspects of ECommerce such as business idea, website design, marketing, security … etc. You will need to analyze the business and provide suggestions to improve the current business situation. The following questions require critical thinking to be answered successfully. The answers to these questions will drive the ways of improvement of the current e-commerce business. 1. Site Design 3 marks  Evaluate the website design focusing on the eight most important factors in successful ecommerce site design (ease of use, ease of purchase, simple graphics … etc.). You are required to evaluate each factor. (Refer to Chapter 3 – Page 212 in the book and/or Slide 43). o Discuss possible suggestions to improve the site design. 2. Business software 2 marks The development of an e-commerce website requires more interactive functionalities, such as the ability to respond to user input (name and address forms), capturing customer orders for goods and services, clearing credit card transactions on the fly, consolidating price and product databases, and even adjusting advertising on the screen based on user characteristics.  Explain the different types of software used on the website to perform the current functionalities. • What can be done to improve the software? 3. Payment and Security 3 marks  What are the methods of payment available in the online store? (See the book: page 295-296) o What other methods can be added? Explain why?  What are the technologies used on the website to secure the online transactions?  o What other technologies can be added? Explain why?  What is the current privacy policy of the online store? Outline how the information is collected and used? o What can be added to the privacy policy? Explain why? 4. Categorize marketing and advertising strategy and method. 2 marks  Explain the current online, offline, and social media marketing strategies of the e-commerce business? Provide photos or screenshots of your business marketing activities. • What can be done to improve the marketing aspects of the business? 5. Know your competitors. 3 marks  Choose a website of one competitor in the same industry (locally or globally) and compare it with your chosen company’s site. Indicate why the competitor’s website is better or worse than the chosen company’s website. Provide one competitor SWOT analysis with screenshots of their website activities. o What can be done by learning from your competitor’s experience? 6. Conclude your report. 2 marks Summarize the above points and include your recommendation to improve the e-commerce business. Guidelines for the assignment: The answer sheet must include the following: • Cover page • Questions • Answers Make sure to include the cover page with all information required. TWO marks will be deducted if there is no cover page This is a group project (4-5 students), which is part of your course score. It requires effort, research, and critical thinking. You are required to choose one current business from the list. Each website can be chosen by one group only. Use font Times New Roman, 12 font size Use 1.5 line spacing with adjust to all paragraphs (alignment). Use the footer function to insert page number. Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project and references. The minimum number of required references is 5 references using APA style. Your whole project report length should be between 1250 to 1600 words. You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment. Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment. Structure includes these elements paper style, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, referencing and word count. Your file should be saved as Word Doc. Follow this pattern to name the file: Your name_CRN_ECOM101_ Project_B.docx Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences E-commerce Department Student Name: Nada Alamri Taif Alharbi ShaikhahAlharbi Tasneem Abdullah Student ID: S180031598 S210039246 S200185758 S210039276 Course Title: E-commerce Course Code: ECOM101 Academic Year/ Semester: 2022/2023 _First semester 1444_First Semester Instructor Name: Dr. Raneem Rayani CRN: 12695 Student Grade: Grade Level: High/ Middle / Low out of 15 1 Requirement: In this project, you are required to evaluate one of the websites below based on what you learn from this course and your perspective. The evaluation will cover the different aspects of ECommerce such as business idea, website design, marketing, security … etc. You will need to analyze the business and provide suggestions to improve the current business situation. Current e-commerce businesses: (choose one) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. The following questions require critical thinking to be answered successfully. The answers to these questions will drive the ways of improvement of the current e-commerce business. 1. Know the business 7 marks  What is the business? (your choice)  What is the idea? (the visioning process) • Introduce the e-commerce business you have chosen. o Provide an overview of the business idea • Product and type of services. • o What are the different types of products? Explain o What kinds of services does the online store provide? [ customer service, exchange and return, delivery, and payment options] Explain Business statement. 2 • • Business vision. Business objective. ➢ Where is the money? o What is the company’s business model? o What is the revenue model? Give a general idea of how the business generates revenues  Who and where is the target audience? Explain demographics, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.  Characterize the marketplace. o Size, growth, demographics, structure, competition o Research the market and give an idea about each point  Describe the content of the business website  Conduct a SWOT analysis for the business (Explain each point) o At least three points for each.  Develop an e-commerce presence map. o (For example: website, email … etc.) o What activities does the company use these platforms for? (E.g., marketing, customer service, news…etc.) 2. Explain the design of the system 4 marks  Explain in detail the design of the system (business objectives, system functionality, information provided) Business Objective System Functionality Information provided Ex: Display goods Digital Catalog Dynamic text and graphics catalog 3 • What can be improved or added into the system design? 3. Explain the current business e-commerce features 2 mark ➢ What are the current website features?  What types of these features can be annoying to customers? Provide pictures. • What can you do to improve the current features on the website? 4. Explain the business e-commerce process 2 marks Explain in detail all the steps from the time user enters the website until the final user buys a product. • What can be improved in the process? Answer: 4 Mikyajy The company selected is mikyajy, accessible through This Saudi Arabian E-commerce store concentrates on selling beauty product that are reliable and tested to the Saudi market and worldwide. The goal of mikyajy is to offer the best beauty products at the most affordable prices to people all over the world. The company talked a lot about the high standards and safety measures it uses to make its goods. The company wants to grow its market share, so it plans to go into other international markets. Customers will enjoy buying and shopping more if the platform is easy to use and there are many shipping and payment options. Mikyajy beauty products like body, face, and hair care products that are good for your health as well as scents like perfumes. The organization makes all of the goods to be sold. There are no chemicals or other strange things in them. International and Saudi Arabian labs have tested them to make sure they are safe and that they meet the standards. The online store offers a wide range of services. The customer service, which can be reached through the company’s chat feature, is one of the best things about the online store. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section was also added so that people could find answers to those questions without having to contact the company directly. The company also added a section with contact information, which includes all phone numbers based on where the customer is, as well as an email form that lets customers send emails right from the website. According to the section on exchanges and returns, a product can only be returned if it is broken or missing parts Digital wallets like Apple Pay and STC Pay, as well as debit/credit cards like the Mada Card and Visa Card, can be used to pay. From one place to another, you can use different ways to pay. Mikyajy sell beauty product as (eyes, lips, nails, and Face) makeup that are good for your beauty as well as scents like perfumes. Their products include: 5 Face: as contour & highlighter, foundation, blush. Eyes: eyeliner, eyebrow, mascara, eyeshadow. Lips: lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip gloss. Aails: nail enamel, nail care, nail accessories. Accessories: brush sets nail accessories bags & boxes beauty accessories cleansing essentials makeup. Fragrances: perfume oil, eau de parfum, body mists, attar oils, hair parfum, gift sets, fragrances, gifting (all-in-one makeup boxes). The company’s goal is to sell beauty products with the highest possible quality and customer service. The company vision is to get more customers and export to other countries. Regarding to the company models for making money by makes and sells its own goods. Models for making money depend on how often products are sold. The way money comes in and how many goods are sold are linked. Cutting costs will also help the company make more money. Due to risks in the supply chain, it costs less to sell goods in Saudi Arabia than to sell them elsewhere. Also, the business will make more money in this situation because the risks are lower when a single customer order multiple things. The target audience is anyone who thinks natural cosmetics and beauty products are important and is willing to pay a certain amount to get them. Since beauty and cosmetic products are more popular with women, the company is putting more of its attention on them. Women older than 18 are especially likely to have bank accounts or digital wallets. Since the company ships to every country, the market is almost limitless. The company wants to grow and hopes that its marketing, advertising, and SEO efforts will help. Since the company is a niche market that sells made-up products based on certain natural traits, competition is limited by the way the market is set up. The products are nicely set up and have clear descriptions of what they are made of, how much they cost, what they contain, 6 and how healthy they are. To buy something, you just have to do a few easy things. Because there are different shipping and payment options, the customer has more than one way to make a purchase. Customers can also look at reviews written by other customers to help them choose what to buy. SWOT ANALISIS Strengths: • home delivery and the second pickup from Store. • Limited-edition items available only at this online store. • A range of payment options. Weaknesses: • There are just two languages available: Arabic and English. • There are no filtering or sorting choices. • The layout is overlooked. Opportunities: • Add a post area, other payment options including bank transfers, and extra different product and categories. Threats: • Cyber-attacks. • Website hosting outage. • Competition in the same industry Website Presence Map 7 platform Type of presence Pc Website Mobile Tablet I pad laptop Internal lists Email Purchased lists Facebook Instagram social media Twitter Snapchat Blogs YouTube Print media Offline Media. Tv Radio billboards activities The main goal of the website is to sell things. It is easy to use and was mostly built with shopping in mind. Also, the company advertises its products by listing what they are made of, what they do, and how much they cost before and after. The E-store also works well on all browsers and devices. The website now includes an email function for inquiries regarding the company and its products. In addition, a section for subscribing to and getting the most recent company news is introduced. The social media icons on the website let you connect to the social media networks. The platforms are busy and have a lot of fans and people who use them. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the company tells people about new products and offers deals. On YouTube and Snapchat, you can see how the items on display work. Supply chain and packaging are two of the company’s most important offline marketing tools. In Saudi Arabia, billboards are also used to advertise a company’s products and tell potential clients about the business. 8 Business Objective System Functionality Information provided Selling goods Option for e-commerce and Prices and comprehensive carting. descriptions of the items Search Engine Optimization To enter the needed material, click (SEO). the search engine button. Account creation as well as Detailed client information and the news subscription most recent news about the items Ease of Navigation Customer loyalty and shop. Sell more Discounting system Prior to and following the reduction, the cost of the items. Support clients Email, chat, and FAQ. giving the clients the relevant information. Advertising and symbols of social media. Demonstrations Reputation sending customers to the social media sites Reviews and ratings. Providing clients’ reviews and rating figures. 9 Attract more clients Sharing function. sharing the merchandise on various social media platforms. Demonstrations Photos that scroll and a video Videos demonstrating the goods’ show. usage. Moreover, the scrolling scene has many images. System design improvements • A fixed main menu • Well-designed filter and sorting bars • The lower menu is old-fashioned. A straightforward colored theme must take the place of the interactive image. A- The website features: ➢ Calculating the total number of items selected from the carting menu. ➢ a chat function accessible via email. ➢ Account creation. ➢ Optimizer for search engines. ➢ Redirections to social media pages. ➢ Payment’s redirections. ➢ Scrolling pictures. ➢ Subscription to email ➢ Items with a discount ➢ Human Verification Using Codes. B- Annoying features ➢ SAR is displayed for discounted products. However, only one of them is required to appear. 10 ➢ The search engine optimizer is only available in Arabic and English. ➢ There are no optional extra goods in the cart area. It I just showing the things selected. Features Improvements ➢ A significantly better carting option that clearly displays the quantity of products bought from the main page. Furthermore, rather than a pop-up menu, an independent page displaying the items selected. ➢ The ’s search optimizer must be able to read several languages. 11 ➢ The shopping cart list should also contain additional optional or suggested more products. Every category has a drop-down arrow and subcategories of product appear. Drop-down menus and a search engine optimizer/account creation form show on the top left and right of the screen, respectively, when a user visits the website`s landing page. He can either use the search engine to look for what he wants, or he can select a category from a menu to narrow the selection. When he locates the product, he`s looking for, he can put it in his shopping cart by clicking the “Add to cart” button. The customer might choose to complete the transaction or abandon the cart. There will be a second “complete purchase” button that the customer must click on this new page. Improvements • A variety of languages are required on the website for non-English and non-Arabic speakers. • To expedite the payment process, the user must only click “complete purchase” once. • To make shopping easier, a filtering and sorting menu is required. The design of the website needs to be updated so that it fits in with the age of e-commerce. Even though the website has a lot of features, the way it was built makes it hard to reach the ultimate sales goal and the website is easy to use on all platforms and browsers. Improvements • There must be well-designed filter and sorting options. • The number of things picked must be displayed in the cart icon. The software used is the below 1. Cart menu that saves the things you’ve chosen. 2. Search engine optimizer that facilitates the shopping process. 3. A scrolling mechanism that displays pictures and products categories. Software improvements 12 • The ability to zoom in on the images. • A shopping lists • Filtering and sorting options • A live chat option. The following payment options are accessible on the platform: 1. Digital wallets through Mastercard 2. Debit/Credit Card through Visa and Mada card. Other methods of payments that can be added: • Bank transfer/wires • Third-party financial agencies. These new techniques will make purchasing more convenient. Clients who are unable to pay using the accepted methods might use other means to purchase their chosen things. In addition, the corporation plans to improve its sales objectives and expand into other markets. The following technologies are used on the website to secure online transactions: 1. Link to the secure payment pages 2. HTTPS Security precautions 3. Email verification 4. Code verification. Other technologies: • Payment through fingerprint or payment through facial recognition. These new technologies can shield consumers from hackers and robbers. Furthermore, it will prevent the organization from fulfilling erroneous orders, which can be costly at times. Conclusion 13 Even though the company sold its products in physical stores and on other e-commerce sites, it mostly talked to potential customers through its platform and social media profiles. The organization needs to put more emphasis on website design to keep up with current trends and standards. It should have more tools that help people buy better in general. With very few changes, the business can get more customers and reach more places. 14 References Gary, H. (2020, February 03). 15 must-have features for ecommerce sites. McNamara, C. (n.d.). Basic guide to e-commerce (doing business over the internet/web). Walden, A. (2019, May 30). Development ideas from the Accessible eStore, Part 2: Providing users with shortcuts to content. Council post: FOUR security measures to consider for your e-commerce website. (2020, July 28). hokurova, K. (2020, April 21). 9 e-commerce website design tips and best practices in 2020. Laudon, K., & Traver, C. (2018). E-commerce: Business, technology, society. 2018. (14th). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-1-292-25170-7 Terms & Conditions. (n.d.). Retrieved September 29, 2022, from 15


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