Please view explanation and answer below.heeey buddy, thanks for the patience… we goRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT1E-Commerce ProjectStudent NameAffiliate InstitutionProfessor NameDateRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT•2Introduction about the topic.The effects of the current pandemic caused by coronavirus have continued to create moreconfusion and horror globally. The rate of virus infection was a major concern as it wasassociated with any physical contact or contact with any fluids from infected persons. As such,the spread of the virus has gone worse with every wave proving to be more deadly than theprevious one. The risk of the virus spread resulted in the world health organization issuingdetailed guidelines or measures for governments and global corporations to ensure the safety ofthe global population. The global economy worsened and corporations were forced to implementother strategies to ensure sustainability as the demands became more unpredictable (Abodunrin,Oloye & Adesola, 2020). This also led to the loss of jobs as corporations either lay offemployees to minimize the losses reported by such corporations or they cut down employees’salaries to minimize the operational costs for corporate sustainability. The service industry wasthe worst hit as social or physical distancing became more apparent. Governments went onlockdown with strict curfew imposition, forcing consumers to shy from purchasing hence poordemand projections as corporations could not tell what demands would be.•Explain what are the limited options that Daway currently has regarding dealingwith the pandemic.Given the current dilemma faced by corporations globally, Daway medical company must ensureit implements strategies to help sustain it during the pandemic. The first limited option thecompany has is the adoption and or implementation of the e-management system. This is the useof technology or technological tools to manage the company operations remotely and at thesafety of one’s house. This will ensure the company follows the strict guidelines put in place byRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT3the global health bodies such as the lockdown or the restriction of movements which is to ensurephysical and social distancing. This will also ensure the company leverages the technologicalskills or capabilities and the team innovations to operate remotely.Another limited option is the application of strict WHO guidelines such as the use offacemasks, constant sanitization and fumigation, and the limiting the number of patientsaccessing the facility at any given time to ensure the physical distancing so as not to get intophysical contact with infected persons which is the top infection criteria. This still poses morethreats to the lives of the employees as ensuring these measures are completely followed is verychallenging especially in the hospital environment during such needy times. The third option thecompany has is the temporary suspension or shutting their operations to ensure the safety ofemployees but at the expense of those in need of the services. Another creative measure byDaway would be to leverage inclusive business models such as ensuring their services areaccessible to the low-income population.•What does the level of technology urgency Daway needs to sustain its performance?The current global pandemic has left corporations with limited options and the only corporationsthat stand out to gain a competitive advantage during such times must leverage urgent levels oftechnology such as artificial intelligence which is characterized by the application of technologyto perform human tasks (Chen, Kuo & Lee, 2020). This will ensure the safety of Daway medicalcompany employees since the company will rely on technology and communication tools toperform tasks. Another level of urgency is the interconnected digital technologies for publichealth response, surveillance, and rapid identification of patients to help limit the physicalcontacts and ensure prompt diagnosis of their patients. The use of smartphone application suchRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT4as Bluetooth for contact tracing which is very effective during the pandemic. This will beleveraged by the Daway medical company virtual team to ensure continued service provisionduring the pandemic for their loyal customers. The next level of technology to be leveraged bythe company will be the efficient flow of information in a digitally-enabled and integrated healthsystem which will allow the Daway medical company virtual team to easily access the healthrecords and data of patients for easy management and diagnosis.•As a global manager, leading from home involves leveraging digital capabilities.What are these capabilities? List and explain at least 3.Digital capabilities are the skills and abilities that global managers for Daway medical companylooking to implement the virtual management system must leverage and or possess to ensuresuccess. As such, there are several digital capabilities a virtual leader must possess such as(Schulze & Krumm, 2017);i.Digital creation, problem-solving, and innovationii.Information, data, and media literaciesiii.Digital communication, collaboration, and participationiv.Digital learning and developmentv.Digital identity and wellbeingvi.ICT proficiencyICT proficiency- this is the ability to converse with people through different technologies(Buday & Kolesov, 2019). As the main strategist for Daway medical company, an innovativemodern medical company that applies technology in various aspects of its operations, I havebeen able to develop various technological skills from the training that the company has beenRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT5providing for its senior employees. Therefore, I am planning to leverage the skills I have beenable to acquire as the current global manager to ensure the success of the company’s virtualteam.Information, data, and media literacies- as the global manager and now the virtualmanagement system strategist, I have acquired the necessary skills through our regular virtualand or online report techniques which have enabled me to manipulate employee data orinformation. I have often been tasked with giving annual reports on team project performanceswhich have sharpened my presentation skills as well as data or information analytic skills whichI intend to use for the virtual management team as I look forward to maintaining a virtual teamfile.Digital communication, collaboration, and participation- as the global strategies for thevirtual team for Daway medical company, I have often leverage several communication skillsthrough our regular video conferences where I have often been tasked with issuing a detailedreport on team project which has significantly helped me acquire more knowledge andcommunication skills and the necessary confidence to participate on digital platforms. I intend touse this skill to successfully coordinate the virtual team into success.•Explain what type of virtual management characteristics will be implemented andwhy?The first characteristic I will be looking to leverage as the Daway medical company virtual teamstrategist will be effective communication with a strong culture of honesty and empowerment.As such, I will ensure effective communication skills which are the foundation of any strongteam coordination and corporation (Godin et al 2017). Therefore, I will ensure my virtual teamRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT6clearly understands the communication protocols and will embrace both the formal and informaltypes. Daway medical company core values such as integrity, honesty, leadership, andpartnership among others hence my virtual team will be characterized by all these values andteamwork to ensure organizational values are met. I also intend to implement team equity andtransparency which is often demonstrated by team democracy which will allow all teammembers to have equal rights of expression and a right to be heard. This will help improve teamspirit as all members will feel or have a sense of belonging, giving them the courage tocomfortably execute their tasks.•How do the virtual teams work together?In addition to effective communication skills for the Daway medical company, as the globalmanager for the company and in charge of the virtual teams, I will leverage highly coordinatedteams. To achieve this, I will implement diverse teams of individuals from different departmentsto ensure effective brainstorming and resultant teamwork as this will allow my virtual teammembers to get to know each other and bring together diverse skills (Saarinen, 2016). Mystrategy to implement a democratic leadership style will enable all team members to cooperateand encourage other members to openly relate with each other hence promote team trust andhonesty. This will be crucial for the virtual team as members must lead to trust one another toenable them to work virtually without any arising conflicts due to poor trust. I will alsoimplement team rotation to ensure the virtual team members are kept motivated as they will belooking forward to collaborating with new team members. Therefore, due to this, I will ensure Iimplement diverse teams and effective communication skills for projects. This will help improveteam innovations as the diverse teams will work together in brainstorming for project success.Running Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT•7What tools do they use for communication and task management?Skype and Google Hangout- this will be a very essential tool for our virtual team meetings andpresentations. This tool enables numerous members to join and participate thus is a real-timecommunication tool (Emerson et al 2016). As the main virtual team strategist for Daway medicalcompany, I will ensure all team members are given the logins for our thrice-a-week meetings.This tool will be used for demonstrations and project updates as it gives members a feeling ofphysical interaction which team members will be missing at the time. This tool also supportsboth audio and video features hence a very effective tool for virtual communication.Emails- this is a communication tool applied by numerous corporations since it is confidentialand allows members and nor users to send large files. This will be a very essential tool forproject coordination as it will enable members to send large project file and also supports realtime communication process. Emails allow an instant response option and are an instant way ofsending messages to numerous recipients with a single touch of the keyboard. It is a fast, secure,efficient, and easy or effective way of communication.Direct phone class and Messaging tools- these are a highly effective project coordination toolwhich allows the users to instantly respond and is often used as a real-time communication toolhence are very suitable for coordinating highly sensitive projects. These tools have been mademobile, allowing members to rarely miss a call, and are very convenient.•How will you manage the delivery of the new changes within a short time indifferent locations in terms of language, cultural, time, political, and economicdifferences?Running Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT8Given the risks associated with the virus spread, the global lockdown will limit the assessmentprocess of the Daway medical company branches to establish whether it is right to carry on thevirtual management system. As such, being the global manager and in charge of virtual teamstrategist, I will use the team supervisor to assess and get reports about the real situation on theground and what it takes to ensure the successful implementation of the e-management process. Iwill also rely on the media to assess the exact situation of the branch countries after which I shallengage the executive management for further discussion. We shall also call for a public virtualmeeting of all staff members to know the exact response of the employees. All thecommunication processes will be carried out using the primary or official language of thecompany which is English. I will also relay raw information to ensure clear and precisecommunication without sugar-coating which has continued to damage public trust. Therefore,the supervisors shall remain our key link for every country as they play a crucial central role incoordinating our implementation of virtual teams.•What are the techniques that you will use to create a strong team with a high level ofteamwork?First I will prioritize effective communication skills to ensure the Daway medical companyvirtual teamwork and have a culture of effective communication which will minimize any virtualteam conflicts as members will be mindful of their communication with each other. This willhelp the company or team members to leverage respect which will allow them to exerciseteamwork. I will also implement a democratic leadership style to ensure my team membersexercise a high form of respect for individual opinions hence promote teamwork (Nordbäck &Espinosa, 2019). I will also ensure any team conflict is resolved promptly and effectively orRunning Head: E-COMMERCE PROJECT9justly to ensure every member who is affected gets the necessary satisfaction with their conflictresolution.•What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a virtual team?The first main advantage of using a virtual team is the cost minimization as all the employeeswill be working remotely; allowing Daway medical company to cut operational costs such as thestationary, power bills, and water bills which the company can divert into other functions. Thisvirtual system also allows team innovation as members have adequate time to properly think andbe creative as they do not experience workplace obstructions. This also ensures the teammembers are highly productive and very successful in the long run. A virtual team is also aneffective time management technique as all team members just wake up and prep…


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