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The Nursing Shortage Case The Unemployment rate in the U.S. is approaching an all time low. What this means is that those individuals who want a job or can work are currently employed. This does not mean there are no jobs out there that need to be filled. To the contrary, there are a lot of jobs available just not enough people to fill the jobs. One of the areas with the most vacancies is this country is the Nursing profession. Virtually every hospital is aggressively recruiting nurses. Due to the large number of vacancies, some hospitals are being forced to turn to foreign trained nurses. Experts anticipate nursing positions to be in short supply for years to come. As a result, you have a conflict between supply and demand thus creating almost a bidding war between hospitals and even Poaching between hospitals. PURPOSE OF THIS CASE: The purpose of this exercise is to give you experience in creating a thought provoking, enticing, and actionable advertisement using the AIDA guidelines. REQUIRED UNDERSTANDINGS: You must be thoroughly familiar with the contents of Chapter 5 and with the nurse recruitment program of The University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. You are not to just copy the hospitals website. You Must Get Creative!!!! 2. Based on the information available on the hospital’s website, create a hard-copy advertisement for the hospital to place in the Sunday edition of the “Birmingham News”. (DO NOT ACTUALLY SEND TO THE NEWSPAPER. THIS IS ONLY AN EXERCISE!!!!!! 3. Analyze the hospital’s current online nurse’s advertisement. How would you improve on it? Explain why you would make the changes. 4. Besides placing the ad in the local newspaper, what other recruiting sources would you recommend and why? GRADING: Strong written communication skills are important in every aspect of Management. Therefore, you will be graded on grammar and spelling, so proofread your work. You will be graded on your use of the AIDA guidelines as well as your analysis of the hospital’s website and your creativity. 3/28/2020 The Nursing Shortage Case The Nursing Shortage Case Submit Assignment Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 20 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload Available Mar 22 at 11:59pm – Mar 29 at 11:59pm 7 days Attached you will fine “The Nursing Shortage Case”. Read the case and use your creativity to complete the assignment. The Nursing Shortage Case.docx HRM Assignment Rubric-MS (1) https://ift.tt/gXbKfle 1/4 3/28/2020 The Nursing Shortage Case Criteria Grammar and Spelling Mechanics Comprehension of Material Ratings Pts 4.0 pts Points 1.5 pts Points 1.0 pts Points 0.5 pts Points 0.0 pts Points Has a very good command of standard English and writes with originality. Relatively free of any errors that could distract from the subject matter. Demonstrates that there are a few errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Some errors but not so many that the writer seems to lack control of standard communication. Demonstrates some evidence of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Uses incorrect grammar and sentence structure consistently. So many errors that the writer seems to lack control of standard written English. The errors interfere with communication. Failed to turn in the assignment. 4.0 pts Points 3.0 pts Points 1.5 pts Points 0.5 pts Points 0.0 pts Points Is able to make conclusions and consistently has a deeper insight into the assignment. Is able to make conclusions and comprehends a deeper meaning on most occasions. Comprehends the surface level meaning of the material and begins to relate issues to their general knowledge and experience Demonstrates some basic comprehension of the material but does not make connections with the bigger picture. Failed to turn in the assignment. https://ift.tt/gXbKfle 4.0 pts 4.0 pts 2/4 3/28/2020 The Nursing Shortage Case Criteria Analysis, length and content of the case Creativity, ideas and relevance AIDA Understanding and Use of AIDA Ratings Pts 4.0 pts Points 3.0 pts Points 1.0 pts Points 0.5 pts Points 0.0 pts Points Work demonstrates much originality and extra initiative. Superior development in examples . Writer shows genuine involvement in subject. Ideas connected clearly. Work demonstrates that efforts were to attempt all tasks. Showed good development. Writer engaged with the subject by answering questions. Ideas connected clearly. Little effort was made to attempt all tasks. Thoughts are not developed and does not connected to subject. Ideas are weak. Very little effort was made to attempt all the tasks. Short and undeveloped thoughts. Not a response to the question. Disconnected ideas. Failed to turn in the assignment. 4.0 pts 4.0 pts Points 3.0 pts Points 1.5 pts Points 0.5 pts Points 0.0 pts Points Student is clearly expressing creativity and responses. Superior ideas and insights that are clear and complex. Student is expressing some creativity. Some ideas and responses were more inline with overall assignment. Student is learning to develop and express creativity. Ideas and insights to the overall project are weak. Student is not developing their creativity. Ideas are not clear, complex or insightful. May include some information that distracts from central purpose. Failed to turn in the assignment 4.0 pts 4.0 pts Points 2.5 pts Points 0.5 pts Points Student clearly understands the AIDA process and utilizes completely. Has some understanding of the AIDA process, but does not fully utilize in the project. Has a vague understanding of the AIDA process but does not use it effectively in the project. 4.0 pts Total Points: 20.0 https://ift.tt/gXbKfle 3/4 3/28/2020 https://ift.tt/gXbKfle The Nursing Shortage Case 4/4


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