Attached final. Cheerscontact if need be good bye stay safeRunning head: HUMANITARIAN AID FOR CHILDREN DURING DISASTERSHumanitarian aid for Children during DisastersStudent`s NameInstitutional AffiliationCourseDate1HUMANITARIAN AID FOR CHILDREN DURING DISASTERS2Humanitarian aid for Children during DisastersINTRODUCTIONHumanitarian aid for children during disasters involves helping the children when theyneed the help most. There are different times when the children need help, but there are thosethat require our attention. Taking an example of the children in the slums or even in refugeecamps, it means they are most likely to suffer from food deficiency. This means that the childrenwill require someone to bring food to them. They may be having parents, but the parents are notable to offer food for them. In such cases of slums and refugee camps, the parents are alsosuffering since they have no jobs or anywhere to source the food or money. These are instanceswhere humanitarian aid is required for such a special population. One thing to note is that thechildren are not in a position to look for a job, which may give them some money to buy thefood. The children will stay at home waiting for their parents to bring food for them. It meansthat if the parents are not in a position to get the food, the children are left to suffer.Reasons as to why children needs arise(I) Parent`s deathOne of the major issues as to why children require help is because they have no parent.Remember that the parent has the core role in ensuring their children get the needs they deserve.Talking of needs, these are food, shelter, clothing, education, and proper sanitation. All theseneeds become a problem whereby the children will have no one to ask the needs from. There aretimes the relatives, or even the neighbours will not be willing to help. The children will be leftwith nothing to do, which means they will suffer in isolation. Imagine a case of a disaster or anaccident that killed both parents (Slovic, 2017). The child will suffer the loss of the parent, whichHUMANITARIAN AID FOR CHILDREN DURING DISASTERS3means psychological stress and later will face the problems that come with it. There is a need,therefore, in such a situation for humanitarian help to come in.(II) Natural disastersNatural disasters have been known to be a major cause of problems that children face. Assuminga certain region is faced with Hurricanes. The families that these children come from will suffer,including being displaced. Remember, the children are vulnerable and may not be able to surviveunder harsh conditions like their parents will do (Wood, 2019). The children will suffer sickness,lack of food, and even shelter. In such cases, the children and the old aged people suffer a lotsince their immunity is not that strong. The government and other organizations are in such acase expected to bring aid to these children.(III) ConflictsConflicts will range from family to community conflicts. There are different instances whereconflicts will occur may be in the community or even from the family. The parents may disagree,which leaves the children with no place to go. There are instances the parents will divorce, andno one is willing to live with the children. Both parents may not be willing to go with thechildren, which endangers their lives. Most of the street children have been caused by conflictsin the family, whereby the parents are not willing to host their children. The children may wantto go with one parent like the father, but the mother will refuse. The child will never live inpeace since their mother may be torturing them, which means they will live in pain. There arealso cases of community conflicts, which displaces the families, and the children are affected inthe process. There is a need to help children who are faced with such issues where one can.HUMANITARIAN AID FOR CHILDREN DURING DISASTERS4(IV) Disease breakoutsThere is no need to go far when we talk about the problems which children are facingwith regard to health. The current issue of COVID-19 has greatly affected th…


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