Attached.Running head: REFLECTION1Integrated Project Management 2 ReflectionStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationREFLECTION2Integrated Project Management 2 ReflectionLow profitability is one of the complex issues facing the food processing companyresulting from a decline in market share, increased competition, and growth of healthconsciousness among the population. Lack of automated systems in the company has resulted inthe business’s inability to make accurate forecasting of the market and market projection with acapacity to enhance the profitability of the enterprise. Thus, from the MBA business consultantpoint of view, the snack company requires taking robust measures to mitigate the decliningrevenues, leading to a corresponding reduction in the profits. Notably, the unsustainable businesscashflows have, in the past fiscal years, threatened the company sustainability in the market.Notably, it is imperative to maintain a positive cash flow to guarantee a high level of profitabilityin a company suitable in assuring the future sustainability and continuity of the business. In thiscase, the company should focus on automating the business process using a system that wouldincrease the ability to project the market. Besides, automating the process would increase theinteraction with the consumer to comprehend their product expectations essential in enhancingcompetitiveness and growth of the market share.As an MBA consultant working, my role was to examine the issue from all perspectivesto determine the root cause for lowered profitability in the company threatening the futureoperations and sustainability of the business in the market. The analysis aimed at providingnecessary insights with the capacity to provide opportunities for growth in the marketplace. Morealso, based on the findings from the company issue diagnostic process, my role was torecommend solutions with a capacity to alleviate the identified problems and make the businessprofitable. Besides, the process oversaw numerous changes in the company’s operations, as wellas supervising the ERP project implementation that automated processes in the company.REFLECTION3Enterprise resource planning was the recommended primary solution to enhance the company’sability to make necessary marketplace projections strengthening the capacity of the company tocomprehend the market dynamics affecting the growth of market share. Another essential rolethat I played as an MBA business consultant was to oversee changes in the company products tomeet the expectation of the clients. Today the consumer expectations have shifted drasticallyfollowing an increase in global awareness of health, an aspect that has affected the food industry.The public health department in the past few years has engaged in sensitizing the population onhealthy living in a bid to control the increasing rate of obesity and other associated sickness. Inthis case, I oversaw the production department making necessary changes to ensure that theproducts adhered to the requi…


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