View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Sustainability in Hospitality IndustryNameInstitutionCourse codeInstructorDateExecutive summaryCovid 19 had a terrible impact on hospitality industry. Extraordinary movement restrictionsmade service organizations the most affected businesses. The rapid spread of this respiratorydisease called for a global response to control the economic situation we were in. Some of thestrategies to prevent further damage from the pandemic included social distancing and travel andcrossing borders restrictions. Most individuals love engaging in recreational activities andservices in hotels. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many got unemployed and could nolonger afford a luxurious lifestyle. This sudden economic shift paralyzed the hospitality industry.This paper will provide information about the impact of Covid 19 on multiple stakeholders in thehospitality services industry. The next section after the introduction and literature review willopen with a short discussion on how sustainable practices affect various stakeholders in thehospitality industry, such as shareholders, employees, business owners, and customers. Later thepaper will discuss strategies implemented by hospitality companies to cope with the adverseeconomic conditions.Table of contentIntroductionThe intended purpose of this report is to highlight the influence of sustainable practices on thestakeholders and the environment in hospitality services organizations. It will also provideaccurate initiatives that companies in this industry embrace to implement practical solutionsduring the pandemic. In addition, it will present crucial recommendations that hospitalitybusinesses can consider and address all managerial implications. The paper is structured this way;a literature review discussing the emerging issues in hospitality services organizations andpractices companies in this profession adopted during Covid 19; initiatives that helpedorganizations to implement sustainable practices successfully; The recommendations highlightthe actions required to sustain the industry and make the right managerial implications.Literature reviewSecondary data analysis was used to determine the impact Covid 19 had on the hospitalityindustry. The pandemic and restricted interview protocols increased the publication time of theneeded resources, leading to limited direct sources. (Merchant and Lurie 2020) For preciseinformation, different research approaches were used to focus on emerging issues related to thehospital industry. Research on china hotel industries proved that the hospitality industrygenerates a significant income due to high number of tourists visiting the country each year.(Hao and Chon 2020). Despite the changes hospitality services organizations had to makebecause of the government’s Covid 19 protocols, sustainability remained a critical successelement for most hospitality organizations. This extensive review will reveal how Covid 19impacted businesses in the hospitality industry, and the actions taken by firms operating in thisdomain.DiscussionCovid 19 effects on Hospitality StakeholdersStakeholders in the hospitality industry are the leading players in tourist management, operations,and strategic planning. (Cvelbar and Dwyer 2016) During the pandemic, stakeholdersexperienced a crisis that required a well-thought approach. It was difficult for these key playersto adopt a long-term solution that would protect the interests of all stakeholders at the global,national and regional levels. In a crisis, such as the pandemic, stakeholders needed urgentattention and trust from hospitality executives. For instance, the safety and health of hotel guestsand employees. (Larry and Wong 2020) Government directives, such as distancing rules,affected the initiative members in this industry had to take.Impact of Sustainable practices in the Hospitality organizationsWhen facing a crisis, businesses must adjust their operations and resources to survive mostindustry-wide challenges. (Alves and Hao 2020) Hospitality organizations and stakeholderscollaborated and adopted a framework that helped their firms recognize challenges, rationalizethe adjustments and refashion approaches of working together to save their business fromdrowning.The above model elaborates on collaborative strategy development. According to (Mody andHanks and Cheng 2021), Extensive destruction like Covid 19 impacted the macroenvironment inwhich competitive firms like hospitality businesses operate. That means both the commercial andoperational aspects of this industry were affected. The unfavorable conditions during that timeshaped consumer behavior and preferences, leading to low profitability in businesses. Covid 19presented unique and severe challenges that stakeholders have never seen before. (Hartmann andLussier 2020) That means managers lacked a reference framework and had to formulate plansthat no similar industry had tried.Sustainable Initiatives hospitality organizations needSustainability requirements are increasingly becoming critical in the hospitality sector during andafter the pandemic. (Jones and Comfort 2020) Most hospitality organizations adoptedinformation and communication technologies to handle business transactions and communicateimportant information to stakeholders and decision-makers. Online social spaces facilitatedinformation exchange, including consumer-generated content about services, brands, products,and issues. Through new technologies, companies got an opportunity to use digitalizationapproaches to generate income. (Cenamor and Parida 2017) Online live stream entertainmenttrend is one of the platforms resorts, and hotels use to engage with clients. This approach allowsthem to form online communities, conduct meaningful discussions about their business offeringsand gain more hotel guests. (Xiang and Uysal 2015)According to an NYU survey, more than three quarter hospitality organizations will implementmobile key technology by the end of 2022. Mobile check-in had the largest usage metrics duringthe pandemic. (Shiwen and Ahn 2022) In-room technology and automation tools are rankedamong hospitality businesses’ top three most utilized technology. The above survey wasconducted in Europe regi…


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