Attached.Running head: BANNER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLANBanner Health Care System Strategic Business PlanNameInstitution1BANNER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN2Banner Health Care System Strategic Business PlanExecutive SummaryBanner Health is one of the top health systems in the United States and was founded in1999 after a merger between the Samaritan and Luther health systems located at Phoenix,Arizona, and North Dakota, respectively. In the year 2001, the organization spread to other statesincluding Kansas, Minnesota New Mexico, South, and North Dakota, Lowa and made itsheadquarters at Phoenix. The health system focuses on diverse health services delivery,including primary care, Rehabilitation services, pharmacies, outpatient surgery, emergency, andhospital care, as well as children health. The Banner Health Corporation has expanded throughmerging and partnering with other organizations to enhance quality service delivery to its clients.The expansions of the health system have also evolved into an integrated system that includesexpanded services through the Banner Health network, banner medical group, and universities ofmedicine. Partnering with medical education organization has enabled Banner health system toenhance their quality of service delivery as well as improved competency among its employees.The expansions have also enhanced access to quality care close to the communities. Among thenewest development in the Banner, Health system is the University of Medicine that is a newacademic medicine division. The organization operates through a network of medical centers,clinics, and research centers. However, for developmental purpose, strategic planning is anessential and critical aspect of any organization for sustainability and growth.IntroductionStrategic planning of an organization involves a well-conducted SWOT analysis thathelps in the identification of several factors that affect organizational growth and sustainability.SWOT analysis is a technique used by managers to identify and evaluate strengths, weakness,BANNER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN3opportunities, and threats that may be facing the organizations in its current businessenvironment (Phadermrod, Crowder, & Wills, 2019). Banner Health is among the top non-profithealth system that has maintained its prominent position in the market. Therefore asaforementioned, for an organization to remain firm in its market position, a proper SWOTanalysis will require coordination among the various departments within the organization. Thisreport involves a SWOT analysis of Banner Health and the development of a strategic plan forexpanding partnership with academic medical centers. Partnering with academic medical centersis significant for the organization’s growth. The partnerships enhance care delivery, innovation,integration of new approaches to health care delivery, and recruitment of high-quality providers.Back in 2015, Banner Health partners with the University of Arizona with the primaryobjective of creating a competent workforce and enhance quality care across all its facilities inall the states that it is operational. The partnership between Banner health system and academicmedical education organizations ensures that Banner Health takes over the management of theorganizations and funding them. Partnering with medical education organizations also assuresthe Banner Health system of competent professionals in the market. Many health organizationshave used the strategy in many instances to secure scarce talents in the health profession. Someorganizations tap the human resource by offering internship opportunities to graduating studentsand finally absorb them as their employees. Banner Health partnership with medical educationorganization ensures that professionals can receive continuous educational training by supportingthem to learn and work at the same time within the organizations. Banner Health can signMemorandums with health professionals and sponsor their educational programs within thepartner institution and absorb them as employees. Health professionals are becomingoverwhelmed by the number of patients and the prevalence of diseases in the US. Therefore,BANNER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN4training and absorbing their own potential talents can be a long term strategic plan to ensureexcellent staffing and securing the best abilities.A brief description of the current programCurrently, the new Banner Health academic medicine division is anchored in Phoenixand Tucson that include the three academic centers. The three centers are the Banner UniversityMedical Center Tucson, University Medical Center Phoenix, and University Medical CenterSouth. The academic medical centers are also the research institutes for the organization, thusenhancing innovation, high-quality care delivery, and improving the implementation ofevidence-based practices by employees. The Banner health has heavily invested in the healthprofessionals’ education and research activities with about $45 million and $11millionrespectively. For instance, Banner University Medicine partnership has enhanced theeffectiveness of the University of Arizona Comprehensive Cancer Center. Banner HealthCorporation offers financial and resources support to academic medical organizations to buildequipped research facilities and innovation buildings, and this enhancing quality care delivery. Astrategic plan for Banner health is ensuring that educational strategies are developed to addressthe integration of health care delivery systems into medical education or residency training.Banner health academic medical centers are only three, and the organization has employed overfifty thousand employees. Therefore, rendering the centers as inadequate as compared to thenumber of employees who would require to advance their education. Besides, the increasingnumber of patients who are currently estimated at more than 400,000 would need morecompetent professionals to enhance quality care delivery. Therefore, increasing the number ofacademic centers can be a sustainable strategy for Banner health in ensuring there is retainingand recruiting only competent professionals.BANNER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN5Alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, and goals that support the projectBanner health system’s mission is “Making health care easier, so life can be better. Thecornerstone of Banner health system is innovation. Besides, at Banner, Innovation is defined asthe identification and deployment of leveraging strategies for the operational models of theorganization and the science of care delivery to ensure excellent patient experience. The primaryfocus is to have safe, efficient, and effective care delivery systems that will improve patientsatisfaction. Therefore, increasing academic health education centers and research institutes willenable graduates to be innovative and gain more knowledge in their area of specialization. Thebiggest hope for implementing the strategic plan is that Banner will have its own modeledprofessionals. Internally trained employees are familiar with the organizational culture andoperations, thus fast adoption of the work environment. The strategy aligns with theorganizational goals, mission, and vision that aim majorly focuses on innovation to enhance caredelivery and the quality of service. The research will improve the application of evidence-basedpractices that are fruitful in any medical profession. Innovation is determined by the availabilityof resources such as funds and equipment (Tidd, & Bessant, 2018). The Banner Healthorganizational leadership is made of a culture of helping others to grow professionally.Therefore, increasing the educational centers will benefit professionals at different levels withinthe organization and enhance their work experience.The Banner health system’s mission is to make health easier and thus enhancing life.Banner Health serves its surrounding communities by providing health services rather thangenerating profits. Serv…


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