Marisa Alejandro MGT410 March 17, 2020 Dr. Kimberly Pierre Personal Model of Leadership –Part I Leadership is essential in personal growth and development. Developing leadership qualities is a complex process. Coming up with a particular leadership model does not solely depend on attending the training. This paper presents a personal model of leadership. It will include basic values for the foundation linked to the four perspectives and leadership behaviors. It also provides for the creation of a sense of meaning and purpose and how they contribute to the greater good of society. The first value selected for the individual level is ambitious. According to the Rokeach Values Survey, ambitious refers to hardworking and aspiring (Vitale, 2018). The value will result in an ambitious person who shows the desire and determination to attain success. I am an ambitious person, and once I set a goal to achieve something, I work towards attaining the goal and success. Ambitious leaders attain their goals through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I do not believe in giving up when times get tough, or things get difficult rather believe in perseverance and going on to attain the set goal. The aim of utilizing the value of behavior is to feel good and satisfied when all goals are attained. Ambitious as a value from the individual level leads to various leadership behaviors. It aims at a leader being recognized for their hard work and dedication. The first behavior resulting from the value is setting the goals they want to accomplish. Ambitious leaders set goals and, at times, keep them private. They work on what needs to be done alone to attain the goal. They keep the goals private because sharing it with other individuals may make a leader assume they have accomplished it and gain satisfaction, which is not the reality. If kept private, the leader works hard to achieve it and let the accomplishments speak for themselves. Another behavior is the willingness to take risks. Ambitious leaders work with an aim but explore and experiment in several ways despite the risks. The value directs leaders to new ways of thinking and breaks away from groupthink. They listen to opinion and utilize all resources available to attain the set goals. Ambitious leaders are focused on execution to achieve success. They focus on what they do to attain a goal. Ambitious as a value makes a leader avoid comparing self to others instead aim at passion and focus. The second value is loyal from the interpersonal level perspective. Loyal as a value refers to being faithful to friends or groups (Tuulik, Õunapuu, Kuimet & Titov, 2016). The value will develop a true and devoted leader to the group or team they lead. The behavior aims to achieve a team in which members are sincere and truthful to each other and the group goals. Leadership today talks a lot about loyalty. A loyal leader tells the truth, whether bad or good. Another behavior originating from the value is the communication of the roles and responsibilities. A loyal leader provides a path to success and has a plan that everyone has awareness. The leader does not lie to the members of a team. The other behavior that will originate is a team culture that values people’s relationships. The relationships will drive loyalty from all members. A leader will be fair and open, which means the use of transparent processes. The group under the leader will develop a willingness to participate in the activities. Individuals will collaborate and cooperate openly with the sole aim of attaining their goals. From an organizational perspective, the value selected is equality. Equality is a common aspect across the world. Every individual has heard about equality within organizations and how leaders should treat their subordinates. Equality demands for brotherhood and equal opportunity for all persons (Tuulik et al., 2016). A leadership behavior that would result from this is encouraging people in the team to treat each other in an equal manner despite their differences in race, color, nationality, or differed opinions. It also results in an inclusive style of leadership. It begins with the belief that everyone is equal and evaluates their actions. The leader will appreciate the uniqueness and their addition to the group. The value results in cultural sensitive leadership where the leader pays attention to the culture of other people and considers their perception during decision-making. From the value, a leader develops the ability to identify bias in the system or their actions and work towards finding a corrective measure to ensure every individual is treated fairly. A leader gains awareness of conscious or unconscious bias they have towards others. The aim is to have a group organization that promotes good relationships and equal opportunity. A world of beauty in terms of the beauty of nature is a value that guides my leadership from a societal perspective. Every leader strives to give back to society or maintain the environment (Swanson, 2018). The behaviors that would result from this value include protecting the environment against pollution from industrial activities or individuals. Other behaviors include participating in cleaning programs, for instance, charity activities that involve cleaning the environment such as litter collection and campaigns to support the protection of nature to create a beautiful and natural world like the campaign against cutting down trees. This is possible by establishing or belonging to organizations that seek to protect the environment. The aim of the behaviors is to promote a natural environment within the community and an environment that is free of destructive human activities. The leader will advocate for the natural environment by organizing tree planting activities. The impact is to have a free and fresh environment to appreciate the natural beauty of the world. References Swanson, D. L. (2018). Toward Shared Value Consciousness Through CSR Discovery Leadership. In CSR Discovery Leadership (pp. 131-165). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Tuulik, K., Õunapuu, T., Kuimet, K., & Titov, E. (2016). Rokeach’s instrumental and terminal values as descriptors of modern organisation values. International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 5, 151-161. Vitale, C. (2018). An Extension of Rokeach’s Instrumental Values to Characteristics of CEO’s. eJournal of Social & Behavioural Research in Business, 9(3), 17-23. Marisa Alejandro MGT410 March 17, 2020 Dr. Kimberly Pierre Reflection In the overall plan for the personal model of leadership, I chose four values and classified them under different perspectives. They included ambitious from a personal perspective as I believe in hard work and determination. The loyal value was from an interpersonal perspective to promote the relation between team members. From the organizational perspective, I picked on equality to promote good relationships and fairness across the organization. Lastly, from a societal perspective, the value of the world of beauty was picked to promote nature and the wellbeing of society. Terminal values are the desirable states of existence that I would like to attain (Tuulik, Õunapuu, Kuimet & Titov, 2016). The top three terminal values I ranked as the top three are; equality, a sense of accomplishment, and social recognition. The first terminal equality demands for brotherhood and an opportunity for all. I have always wished a life where everyone had an equal opportunity to all resources and every activity. Equality ensures every person is treated fairly despite their differences in color, race, gender, sex, and other factors. The value will influence my leadership style as it will call for equal and fair treatment of all followers. I will encourage every person to treat each other fairly inconsiderate of their differences. The second value of importance is a sense of accomplishment. I wish to make an impact in every place I visit or associate with and leave. I would like to feel I have achieved something great in life. This value will affect my leadership style in the way I set goals and work towards achieving them. Once I accomplish a goal, I will feel motivated and focus on other goals to gain the same feeling. I will also utilize the value to provide subordinates with opportunities to grow, gain motivation and satisfaction as well as enhance productivity. Everyone wants to feel a sense of accomplishment as it creates a feeling of progress. The third terminal value is social recognition. It is closely related to accomplishment. I would like to gain respect and admiration in the society. The value will affect the decisions I make pertaining the society to get acceptance and recognition among people. I will work towards actions that support cultural values. According to Tuulik et al. (2016), instrumental values are a means to an end. The three instrumental values include; ambitious, imaginative, and responsible. For the first value, ambitious, I want to be hardworking and aspiring and work towards attaining set goals. The value will influence the style of leadership as I will take daring steps and risks in achieving the goals I set. As an ambitious leader, I will utilize all resources within my reach to succeed. Imaginative as an instrumental value requires creativity and daring. I will apply the value in my leadership style to guide all decisions and activities. I will take risks on measures to attain the goals in my practice. Imaginative was of second importance as I will need to be ambitious to set goals and utilize creativity and take risks to achieve them as a leader. The third value is responsible. Responsible is significant in leadership, as it will make me reliable and dependable. I will have access to subordinates and work with them towards attaining the objectives. I will take responsibility for any actions despite the outcome. Reference Tuulik, K., Õunapuu, T., Kuimet, K., & Titov, E. (2016). Rokeach’s instrumental and terminal values as descriptors of modern organisation values. International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 5, 151-161. Rokeach Value Survey On the following two pages are two lists of values, each in alphabetical order. Each value is accompanied by a short description and a blank space. Your goal is to rank each value in its order of importance to you for each of the two lists. Study each list and think of how much each value may act as a guiding principle in your life. To begin, select the value that is of most importance to you. Write the number 1 in the blank space next to that value. Next, choose the value is of second in importance to you and write the number 2 in the blank next to it. Work your way through the list until you have ranked all 18 values on this page. The value that is of least importance to you should appear in Box 18. When you have finished ranking all 18 values, turn the page and rank the next 18 values in the same way. Please do each page separately. When ranking, take your time and think carefully. Feel free to go back and change your order should you have second thoughts about any of your answers. When you have completed the ranking of both sets of values, the result should represent an accurate picture of how you really feel about what’s important in your life. Page 1 A Comfortable Life a prosperous life _____ Equality brotherhood and equal opportunity for all _____ An Exciting Life a stimulating, active life _____ Family Security taking care of loved ones _____ Freedom independence and free choice _____ Health physical and mental well-being _____ Inner Harmony freedom from inner conflict _____ Mature Love sexual and spiritual intimacy _____ National Security protection from attack _____ Pleasure an enjoyable, leisurely life _____ Salvation saved; eternal life _____ Self-Respect self-esteem _____ A Sense of Accomplishment a lasting contribution _____ Social Recognition respect and admiration _____ True Friendship close companionship _____ Wisdom a mature understanding of life _____ A World at Peace a world free of war and conflict _____ A World of Beauty beauty of nature and the arts _____ Page 2 Terminal Values Ambitious hardworking and aspiring _____ Broad-minded open-minded _____ Capable competent; effective _____ Clean neat and tidy _____ Courageous standing up for your beliefs _____ Forgiving willing to pardon others _____ Helpful working for the welfare of others _____ Honest sincere and truthful _____ Imaginative daring and creative _____ Independent self-reliant; self-sufficient _____ Intellectual intelligent and reflective _____ Logical consistent; rational _____ Loving affectionate and tender _____ Loyal faithful to friends or the group _____ Obedient dutiful; respectful _____ Polite courteous and well-mannered _____ Responsible dependable and reliable _____ Self-controlled restrained; self-disciplined _____ Page 3 Instrumental Values


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