Project (research topic) Title: An investigation on quality standards of local healthcare organization in Nigeria. Introduction Name of Chosen Healthcare Organization: St Nicholas Hospital (local organization) (SNH). The study will be an attempt to examine the quality standards of indigenous healthcare organization in Nigeria, whereby a pilot test will be carried out at St Nicholas Hospital. Over the past decades, Nigeria has been hindered by years of mismanagement and economic reforms, thereby causing its economy to be running-in, accentuated by adverse effect from infrastructures and low standards of local organizations, especially the private sectors. During this study, we will have the opportunity to underline the issue and St Nicholas Hospital, will be acting as a pilot test for all indigenous healthcare organizations. SNH is a healthcare organization, owned by local business men, and employs over 1500 workers. Objective: “What do we want to accomplish” with this project? – Identify the challenges and formulate recommendations such as Change Management. Research questions: 1. What is the cause of low-quality standards of ABC? 2. What is the implication of low-quality standards in healthcare organization? 3. What is an organization without its processes and employees? 4. Can change management take place to improve the quality of the healthcare organization? The researcher will carry out survey and questionnaires will be shared with the staff at SNH, and compared to the result collected from Reddington Hospital, an international company based in Nigeria. During the investigation period, the main problem identified is a result of the organization’s structure and system, not the people. The conclusion of the project refers to the success of a standard organization, which depends not only on people, but also assets, technologies, processes, systems and resources of a company all combined together. Research Design The research was conducted as a case study that was three-fold: • Hospital staff feedback • Hospital patients’ feedback • Hospital directors/ managers feedback This section explains the different techniques used to gather the necessary information for the case study. Analytical Research Facts, Literature review and statistics were critically analyzed Qualitative Research We were able to understand the directors/managers perspectives based on the interviews and observations Quantitative Research Surveys were conducted to understand the patients and staff satisfaction & the data was analyzed to conclude the findings Sample Size & Sample Population Primary data: During this study, two different surveys will be conducted, for the hospital staffs and the customers (patients) attending he hospital. Questionnaire/ Google forms will be used for data collection during the surveys. The invitations to complete the survey will be done via social media, at the hospital and through word of mouth. Secondary data: Other sources of data, such as case studies, research studies by other authors, publications and web-based information will also be critically analyzed to achieve the objectives. Sample population The sample population is calculated using the below formula: S= Z2 * p* (1-p)/ M2 S = Sample size of indefinite population Z = Z score is based on the confidence level P= population proportion (assumed to be 50 % =0.5) M=Margin of error The sample population is calculated using a confidence level of 95%, whereby the Z value is 1.96 and margin of error 5% (0.05), with population proportion 0.5%. Substituting in the above formula, S= 1.96 2* 0.05 (1- 0.5)/ 0.05 2 S= 384.16 The following formula is adjusted for the true sample size, for a population of 100 (senior staff and head of different department): True Sample size= (Sample size * Population) / (Sample size + Population -1) True Sample size= (384.16 * 100) / (384.16 + 100 -1) = 38,416/ 483.16 = 79.5 Therefore, to have a confidence level of 95%, with 5% margin of error in our results, we need to conduct a survey of atleast 80, out of 100 staff. However, approximately 5 staffs have been interviewed per department, resulting in conducting a survey on 35 staffs. Survey for Hospital staff Survey for Hospital Patients/ Customers The target was to have 80 staffs, however 5 staffs per departments have been chosen to complete the survey, thus accounting to 35. The target was to have atleast 100 patients, and over 100 customers is assumed to complete the form. Sampling Techniques Convenience sampling is used in this research. The primary reason was unavailability of all the staff to complete the survey or handle interviews over the desired time frame. Research instruments The survey questionnaires included a combination of four sorts of questions: Multiple Choice questions To determine classifications Open-ended questions To have better understanding of a topic Dichotomous questions To provide distinct and precise information Likert-type questions To measure broad areas/ more precise In order to comply with the GDPR, personal data was not collected in the survey questionnaires. Survey Questionnaire for Patients/ Customers in Hospitals (St Nicholas and Reddington)- Nigeria 1. Please indicate nationality 2. Gender 3. Age group 4. Indicate elements that influenced the hospital choice 5. Please rate the following (Cleanliness, Waiting time, Staff attitude, Safety and security, Location, Quality of service, Hospital facilities & amenities) 6. Please rate overall customer service experience 7. Was the service value for money? 8. Are you currently under a health insurance plan? 9. How likely is that that you would recommend the hospital/ medical facility to a friend/relative? 10. What do you think needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of hospital’s customer service? 11. How would you rate the registration/ diagnosis process that you underwent? Survey Questionnaire for Employee satisfaction in Hospitals (St Nicholas and Reddington)- Nigeria 1. Please indicate your department 2. How long have you worked for the organization? 3. Can you see a clear link between your job and the organization’s goals and objectives? 4. Do you know what you should do to help the organization meet its goals and objectives? 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. How the hospital defines success on basis of development of human resources, teamwork, employee engagement, concern for people? The organization has established strategic objectives to align the priorities When a patient is not satisfied, do you have flexibility and latitude to assist them solve the issue? Staffing levels are adequate to provide quality services Management shows interest in receiving and integrating opinions from employees Which of the following will encourage you to be more productive in the organization? (more responsibility in decision making, more work responsibilities to you, performance reviews, more attention/feedback from managers) Do you feel employees are recognized as individual? Quality is a top priority with this organization Are you satisfied with the employees benefits and compensation? Training areas most important to your development (time management, leadership, team process, coaching skills, marketing) What is your opinion on present training system? The morale in your department is high? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate work-life balance? Overall, how motivated are you with your occupation? Do you feel you have opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the organization? If yes, kindly state how? Would you recommend the hospital as an enjoyable and fulfilling workplace? Survey Questionnaires for Hospital Managers 1. Does the organization have a vision, mission and core values? 2. What strategies have you put in place to enhance employee’s motivation and engagement? 3. Do you have training programs for your staff? If yes, what types of training? 4. What is your perception on customer service at the hospital? 5. Is service excellence one of the strategic objectives for the hospital? 6. Do you conduct surveys/ feedback from patients? If yes, how? 7. Do you have SOP’s? 8. Do you have KPI’s in place?


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