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HRES2201: INTRO TO HR Assignment 2 DUE Mar 29th 11:30 pm BOW VALLEY COLLEGE TEAM PROJECT Value: 100 marks (15%) Hiring New Employees The assignment is designed to fulfill multiple learning objectives to develop a range of skills for you, including working in a team. In this Assignment you will need to create your own company: think about what industry/sector do you operate in? What kind of product/ service you will be providing? Choose the name for your company. This assignment will require research as well as application of the course chapters. The responsibility of this assignment is yours and there will be much work required with your team outside of class time to excel at this. Please also be aware of the College policies with respect to Academic Dishonesty and also Plagiarism. This is taken very seriously at the College and even if the dishonesty or plagiarism is unintentional, my obligation to report it does not change. This month you have hired tens of new employees. The process of welcoming your new superstars into the organization is critical; a poor onboarding experience may compel a new hire to bolt from even the most reputable employer. On the following pages, you will find the details for your team project, which you will undertake in groups of 4 and the project will be presented in class (10-15 minutes presentation). 2 COMPONENT PART COMPONENT DETAILS Total Marks WORD Document (4 pages MAX) Before Orientation Day  Job Analysis Conduct a mini Job Analysis for the position you’ve chosen by answering the following questions: 1. In 3 to 4 sentences, describe the basic purpose of your position: “Why does this position exist? 2. What are the three main responsibilities in this position and how much time do you spend on each? 3. Describe the mental and physical efforts you expend in performing this position. For example, does it require long periods of intense concentration? Interactions with people? Is there a lot of routines? Is the position physically demanding? 4. What are the knowledge and basic skills required to successfully fulfill the responsibilities? (list at list 5 for each) 5. Describe 2 or 3 most difficult problems you must solve to get your job done. (you can include some challenging situations)  Job Posting: Create a Job Posting for the position you have chosen to hire (your job posting should include all the needed requirements)  Recruitment and Selection: Describe three methods for external recruitment and selection you have used to find your employees. Explain how your methods helped you to recruit a more diverse workforce and to hire people with the right skills.  Compensation and benefits: 1. What is the salary range for this position? 2. What types of benefits do you plan to voluntarily provide for your employees? Why?  Performance Evaluation: 1. Clarify work/objectives to be accomplished 2. Set three specific goals for your employees 3. Choose two performance review methods. Create specific examples of how you will use the methods and what you will be measuring. 4. Explain how often would you conduct a performance review, who will be included in the process  Orientation Day: 1. Create a Checklist of all the things you need to take care of before Orientation Day 2. Write an email that will be sent to your new hires prior to the Orientation Day 3. Create a schedule for the onboarding training to be received during the first week. Include the following information: – Day, time, location – What type of training – What methods you will be using in training delivery – Name of the person providing the training Use information from chapter 6 of your textbook as well as tips provided in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sakIHJNwxmU 50 3 Your Orientation Presentation Must include (but not limited to) the following 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. PowerPoint Presentation Formal greeting, including an introduction to colleagues and a special greeting from CEO (video or face to face) Introduce Your Company based on the following concepts: WHY: Why do you exist HOW: How do you do what you do WHAT: What is that what you do Introduce Organizational Chart of your Company: assign roles in your organization to every team member. Your organizational chart should include the following: Picture, Name, Job Title Explain job procedures, duties, and responsibilities based on the job description (all new employees were hired for a similar position) Outline expectations regarding attendance and behaviour norms. Explain the organization’s regulations and policies, including an overview of health and safety 30 expectations Presentation Powerpoint presentation, Mechanics, Spelling, Grammar and Referencing Peer Review 6. Provide information regarding training to be received (when and why) 7. Provide an overview of performance appraisal criteria, including an estimated time frame 8. Outline conditions of employment, including hours of work, pay periods, and overtime requirements 9. Explain what types of benefits employees will be receiving 10. Provide clear information on whom to notify or turn to if problems or questions arise 11. Create one Engagement Activities 12. Solicit feedback from your new employees to further improve your program  Make your new employees’ first-day special. You can be as creative as possible here, no limits!  All team members must present equally  Present with confidence; speak clearly; maintain excellent engagement with the audience. Excellent team dynamic.  Professional Dress Code- business attire/Professional presentation  Ensure that your project is clear and consistent  Creative design of your slides, use of technological tools  Ensure the flow of the slides is logical  No grammar/spelling mistakes  Ensure the slides are easy to read (think about colours you use, how much written information you have on each slide etc.’)  Your powerpoint needs to follow APA standards. 20 minutes presentation  Individual mark for each team member: Each team member will evaluate other team members (scale 1-5) TOTAL: *All students must present and attend both presentation classes, 5% will be deducted if one of the presentation days was missed. 7.5 7.5 5 100


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