Strategies to Address Cultural Diversity in Educational Institutions Case

Strategies to Address Cultural Diversity in Educational Institutions Case
Write a 3- to 4-page paper that addresses the following questions:What is your personal assessment of you own cultural competence (as an educator or educational leader)?Describe at least 2 strategies that will enhance your own cultural competence (as an educator or educational leader).As a current, or future, educator or educational leader why is an understanding of diverse student learners and cultural competence important?How does your understanding impact students?How does your understanding impact your colleagues?Assignment ExpectationsYour paper should be 3 – 4 pages.Respond to all portions of the assignment prompt.Provide an introductory and concluding paragraph for the paper.Reference at least 2 – 3 background readings from the module.Cite all references using APA format.Provide a reference list in APA format.BackgroundPart III: Opening the Doors of Possibility: Strategies for Closing Achievement Gaps (p. 205 – 269)Murphy, J. (2010). The Educator’s Handbook for Understanding and Closing Achievement Gaps. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Corwin.Chapter 4: Creating Inclusive Learning Communities (p. 79 – 103)Chapter 5: Supporting Change in Course Design (p. 104 – 128)D’Andrea, V., Gosling, D., & Society for Research into Higher, E. (2005). Improving Teaching and Learning: A Whole Institution Approach. Maidenhead, England: McGraw-Hill Education.Chapter 9: Cultural Competence: Gauging and Achieving ImpactNichols, E. J. (2013). Cultural Competence in America’s Schools : Leadership, Engagement and Understanding. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.Chapter 4: Meeting the Needs of Adult LearnersPeart, S. (2014). Equality and Diversity in Further Education. Nortwich: Critical Publishing.Chapter 7: Influences of Diverse University Contexts on Students’ Ethnic IdentityOrtiz, A. M., & Santos, S. J. (2009). Ethnicity in College : Advancing Theory and Improving Diversity Practices on Campus. Sterling, Va: Stylus Publishing.Chapter 17: Achieving Cultural Competence as a Practitioner, Student, or Faculty MemberCooper, D. L., Howard-Hamilton, M. F., & Cuyjet, M. J. (2011). Multiculturalism on Campus: Theory, Models, and Practices for Understanding Diversity and Creating Inclusion. Sterling, Va: Stylus Publishing.

Strategies to Address Cultural Diversity in Educational Institutions SLP

Strategies to Address Cultural Diversity in Educational Institutions SLP
The Session Long Project provides you with an opportunity to identify and explore an issue related to cultural diversity and education. You will submit a portion of your paper at the conclusion of each module. Module 1: Overview of the IssueModule 2: Impact of the Issue in Educational SettingsModule 3: Current Educational Policy and PracticesModule 4: RecommendationsIn this part of the SLP, you will provide recommendations on how to address the issue under study. Use the references that you have located in the literature review (SLP 2) and policy and practice (SLP 3) to formulate recommendations on best practices to address the issue under study. Your recommendations should be applicable to both educators and educational leaders. SLP Assignment ExpectationsYour paper should be 2 – 3 pages.Reference at least 3 journal articles or educational policies related to your topic.Questions to consider:Is further research necessary to address the issue under study? If so, what are your recommendations?Are there any challenges to implementing your recommendations? If so, how would you address those challenges?Provide an introductory paragraph that explains the topics that will be covered (sometimes it is helpful to write the introduction last)Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you learned on the topic.Cite all references using APA format.Provide a reference list in APA format.


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