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PA 4-3 (Algo) Glenn Dental Clinic provides… Glenn Dental Clinic provides general dental care to residents of Philadelphia on a walk-in basis. The clinic has started receiving complaints from patients that the waiting time is too long and has asked you to investigate whether this problem can be solved. Upon arrival, customers receive a form from the receptionist and fill out relevant information such as personal health records and insurance provider. The form is then handed back to the receptionist who enters the information into the computer system for the dentist to see. A dental assistant then takes an X-ray from the patient. A dentist then performs the checkup and discusses any issues with the patient. Based on conversations with staff members at the clinic, you have obtained the following information on the process: It takes about 5 minutes for a customer to fill out the paperwork. Entry of information on the paperwork into the system and verification with past records takes another 5 minutes for a receptionist. There are two receptionists. It takes 14 minutes, on average, for the dental assistant to take an X-ray. There are two dental assistants on shift at any moment. There are 7 dentists working at the clinic. Each checkup takes 30 minutes, on average. The following table summarizes the process data collected above. Resource Process Staffing (Number of Workers) Processing Time (Minutes per Patient) A. Self-serve B. Receptionists C. Dental assistant 5 5 2 Paperwork Data Entry X-ray Checkup 2 14 30 D. Dentist 7 This clinic has essentially unlimited demand. The dentists get paid $150 per hour while the receptionists and dental assistants get paid $30 per hour. Round your answer to nearest whole number. a. What is the labor content? 49 minutes per patient Round your answer to 2 decimal places. b. What is the cost of direct labor? $ 136.50 per patient Enter your answer as a decimal (not percentage) rounded to 2 decimal places. What is the labor utilization of the c. 0.36 Receptionists? Enter your answer as a decimal (not percentage) rounded to 2 decimal places. What is the labor utilization of the Dental d. 1.00 assistants? Enter your answer as a decimal (not percentage) rounded to 2 decimal places. What is the average labor utilization of the 1.00 clinic? e. f. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. If they hired three additional workers and assigned all of them to just one of the four resources in such a way to maximize flow rate, what will be the new flow rate? patients per hour Round your answer to 2 decimal places. What would be the capacity of this process g. (patients hour) if they were able to integrate work between the dental assistants and the dentists? To be specific, they would have 9 workers doing the X-ray and checkup tasks with a total processing time of 44 minutes. patients per hour


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