Q: Develop a hospital emergency management committee. How is it structured? What is their purpose and responsibilities? Who should be on your EMC and why? Faris Alotaibi week 11 The purpose of hospital EMC is to prepare a plan for an emergency, incident, or a disaster, whether it originated internally or from an external factor like natural incidents or terrorist act and respond if needed. Any team must consist of a leader and team member, the leader role is to delegate tasks to the team members, and the team members are the ones who do these tasks successfully. The importance of the EMC comes to the ability to prepare a healthcare facility to face the different types of incidents and respond to it. My EMC team will consist of: Incident commander: Anything that occurs when he or she is in charge of the accident is responsible for that. The IC will direct the four section chiefs and assist them in setting targets and achieving them. The Incident Manager takes the final decision in the event of any misunderstanding or disagreement. Liaison officer: Assist the incident manager in contacting other responding agencies representative, including briefing them about the situation and answering their questions. Safety officer: assist the incident manager in ensuring the safety of the responder and other incident workers, also addressing the safety concerns during the incident and work to lower the risks if excited. Public information officer: assist the incident manager in contact public media in keeping the public well informed and updated about the incident by using multiple ways, including social media and SMS alert systems. Each one of the command staff officers reports directly to the incident manager. Operation section chief The Department of Operations is where the majority of the work is performed. All operational decisions to accomplish the objectives of the incident are taken by the Chief of Operations Section (Ops Chief), who reports to the Incident Commander. Planning section chief This section carries the responsibility of creating an Action Plan and design the incident objectives, also keeping the incident documentation for further evaluation and development Logistics section chief Orders obtain, maintain, and account for essential personnel, equipment, and supplies. Financial administration section Deals with the financial documents, including contracts, analyzing, and calculates the cost of the operation, property, and injury or damage. FEMA. (n.d.). ICS Organizational Structure and Elements.Retrieved from https://ift.tt/z1uQfRE organizational structure and elements.pdf. Mansour Alkhathami Week 11 Discussion Board A hospital emergency management committee (EMC) is a team that is responsible for developing procedures, policies, and processes, and securing resources to ensure an effective, coordinated and quick response in hospitals during disasters. My hospital emergency management committee would adopt a hierarchical structure. Concerning this structure, workers are divided into groups. Therefore, each worker is assigned, one supervisor. The EMC will be tasked with several responsibilities. One is to coordinate the various departments in a hospital that support disaster management in organizing resources and information required for disaster operation. Additionally, another responsibility of the EMC is to conduct research into disasters by preparing emergency response plans (Upstate Medical University, 2018). What is more, the EMC would be responsible for formulating technical skills training programs for individuals working during disasters. Also, this committee would be tasked with creating a budget for disaster management. Furthermore, this committee will be responsible for preparing materials, supplies, and equipment for emergency response (Upstate Medical University, 2018). Moreover, the EMC will have to fulfill the duty of educating and disseminating disaster preparedness plans to the local communities. Lastly, the emergency management committee will have to create a command structure during emergency operations. My hospital emergency management committee will be made of department administrators. These administrators are responsible for managing daily operations within a hospital (Rivier University, 2019). Additionally, patient care managers will also be part of my EMC (Rivier University, 2019). Supervising physicians and nurse managers are examples of patient managers. These healthcare practitioners manage professionals who provide care to patients. Moreover, patient care managers ensure that nurses are carrying out their tasks. Lastly, my EMC teams will comprise of service providers. Service providers include nurses, doctors, therapists, and other workers in a hospital set up. Thus, this discussion illustrates how my hospital emergency management committee will be structured. References Rivier University. (2019, July 9). Hospital Organizational Structure. Rivier Academics. https://ift.tt/qx9rgP0 Upstate Medical University. (2018). Emergency Management Committee. https://ift.tt/gZYCkQp


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