View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT1Project ManagementName:Institution:Course Code:Instructor:DatePROJECT MANAGEMENT2The role of professional certificates in improving the performance of the third sectorleaders for project management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “A field study on theRabban Youth Association in Yanbu Industrial.”IntroductionThird-sector organizations conduct operations without government interference orintervention and are non-profit. Non-profit and voluntary organizations are standard but face alot of challenges. Leadership in third-sector organizations is exciting when discussing challengesfacing non-profit organizations. Leaders must take further steps in the third sector compared togovernmental organizations. Since individuals working in non-profit organizations are volunteers,leading and guiding them becomes challenging.Overall, leadership is a challenge on its own. However, leadership in project managementis an even bigger huddle. Most third-sector leaders cannot correctly handle project managementbecause they lack skills and Knowledge (Bach-Mortensen et al.,2018). In other cases, someorganizations can assign individuals who contributed the most to the project manager, whichseriously affects the organization. Certified training is where individuals go through learningsessions while being exposed to practical and theoretical scenarios to build their creativity andinnovation. At the end of a given period, individuals who have completed the course are awardedcertificates proving they can handle different issues.Third-sector organizations can fail and even lose their investors due to poor leadership.There have been controversies about the need for trainer leaders to handle projects. This studyaims to show professional certificates’ role in improving project management performance. ThePROJECT MANAGEMENT3paper brings to light the issues faced during project management and how professionalcertificates help to solve these issues.Statement of the problemRabban Youth Association is an association situated at the core of Yanbu Industrial. Theassociation incorporates all Muslim youths with diverse issues and tries to ensure that the voiceof the youth is heard. Yanbu Industrial is a complex area that has grown in the last few years.Knowing this, Rabban Youth Association tries to remain on top of its game without losing itsessence. As a non-profit organization, it isn’t easy to run operations, especially for projectmanagement.The leadership of Rabban Youth Association has been a severe 8ssue affecting howbusiness operations are conducted. The organization seeks to achieve its mission and vision butcannot do so effectively due to poor leadership. Since the organization jas always offeredequality to all members, project managers are randomly chosen and given the position. Such astep is reckless and has cost the association the success of several projects. Leadership is notonly about ordering individuals and demanding that specific issues are dealt with in a particularmanner. Instead, leadership involves strategic innovation, creativity, and mental preparation. Forone to be a good leader, they have to take classes that will help them achieve their goalsWhether leaders should be randomly chosen during project management has been a majorissue. The association has faced significant challenges, including loss of funds due to themisappropriation of project funds during the project. The need to have a certified leader hasarisen. Youths have the strength to manipulate adults into making rather hard choices that willPROJECT MANAGEMENT4sustain them. However, Rabban Youth Association seems like a rebel association lacking properguidance without proper leadership.Literature ReviewImportance of profess…


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