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Summary of New Jersey Board of Nurses Meeting

The meeting was held on October 1, 2018, at 4:00 p.m. in Trenton, New Jersey, at the Public Hearing room located in the institutions arena. The institution was incepted in 1912 to safeguard the health, safety, and subsequent welfare of New Jersey residents by essentially ensuring that the individuals obligated to provide healthcare services are thoroughly qualified and trained (NJCCN, 2021). Besides evaluating acquired apprenticeships, this Board of nursing also registers nurses according to the nursing criteria which govern the nursing profession in New Jersey (NJCCN, 2021). The membership responsibility under this Board is specialized according to the department a nurse is assimilated into; such departments include sexual assault forensic nurses, advanced practice nurses, home-health aides, among others (NJCCN, 2021).

The October meeting was attended by a sufficient quorum that included 13 members who joined while one joined through teleconference because he traveled when the meeting was in course. Out of the 13 members present during the meeting, three special individuals were hard to miss. These included the Boards Executive Director, the Board Staff, and the Delivery Assurance Groups leader. The meeting was chaired by the Chairperson (Mark Pederson), who played a key role in enhancing the success of the meeting. Further to its timely adjournment owing to the closure of the building, which was imminent at 6:00 p.m.

When the meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m., the Chairman took the members through the Statement of Adequate Public Notice as required by the authority of the Open Public Meetings Act. Ideally, this statement espouses that before a public meeting is commenced, adequate notice must have been given to all the members expected to attend to enable them to rigorously prepare for the meeting in advance (CTAS, 2021). To this end, the concept of adequate public notice articulates that the meeting notice must have been placed at a location where the members regularly associate to guarantee their awareness of the meeting (CTAS, 2021). Besides, the particulars of the notice must effectively describe the purpose of the meeting and its relevance to the company or institution (CTAS, 2021). Finally, the Statement of Public Notice requires that the notice for a meeting must have been furnished to the members sufficiently in advance of the meeting to prevent inconveniencing members through a short and unreasonable window of notice (CTAS, 2021). After ensuring that the object of the meeting aligned with the Open Public Meetings Act, the Chairman took a roll call of the meeting and confirmed that 13 individuals were present, which satisfied his contention that the meeting was sufficiently attended.

The principal agenda of the…was confirmed and scheduled for October 15, which would be after two weeks.

Plausibly, Roberts Rules of Order were maintained throughout the meeting, which was palpable when the Chairman maintained the order in ensuring that motions proceeded chronologically. Essentially, Roberts Rules of Order maintains that meetings should be democratic, orderly, fair, and efficient (Price, 2021). The rules further provide that a competent Chairperson allows members to voice their opinions in an orderly and respectful fashion and ensures that members wishing to do so are heard (Price, 2021). The meeting was outstandingly adherent to the organizations purpose and the promotion of professional nursing development because it ensured that aspiring nurses satisfied the conditions of the CEC about qualifications.

Ideally, standards are relevant in professional organizations because they provide a criterion that must be satisfied to accomplish excellence in management. Standards also ensure that professional organizations conduct themselves in a manner accepted by the Board that accredits such institutions to enhance compliance with the law and public policy. On top of that, professional organizations in the nursing profession must be conducted well to set a good precedence for nurses. For instance, a professional nursing organization should set a great impetus for caregivers and handle their roles. It should also emphasize top-notch nursing qualifications to guarantee the best caregiving, mobilize nurses to work as a team,…

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