Please apply if you have access to the books.Discussion 2 – Spiller`s Six PropositionsAnalyze the importance of and consequences of the 300-Years WarDirectionsRe-read the Spiller chapter in the Moten book. Select one of his six propositions (be sure to choose a different proposition than the one you chose in Unit 4), explain what he meant by the proposition, and provide an example to demonstrate the viability of the proposition. For example, what did Spiller mean when he wrote “In every war the aims of all sides, no matter how opposed at the beginning, gradually converge toward an agreement to stop fighting”? Note an example that fits this description and explain why and how it fits the proposition.examples someone else post because i do not have access to the book.Hey class,For this week`s Spiller proposition that I chose to deconstruct and explain what he meant by it, and provide an example of, I chose that of Proposition 6: “Within the confines of war itself, a war`s terminal campaign exercises the greatest influence over the manner in which it ends, and therefore is not always a war`s final campaign. This suggests that the concept of a decisive campaign or victory is not as useful as orthodox military thought has traditionally assumed.” (Moten, P4).What Spiller`s proposition meant here is quite literally explained almost immediately after the proposition is stated, “This suggests that the concept of a decisive campaign or victory is not as useful as orthodox military thought has traditionally assumed” (Moten, P4). To thin out the soup, as I say, this statement means that even if the main final campaign of a war has the greatest effect on a war`s ultimate tidings, the war isn`t necessarily over after that point, there could still be battles, or campaigns, after the war has effectively been decided upon.One such example of this would be that of the United States Civil War, in which the battle that “effectively ended the Civil War” (Appomattox Court House), was that of the Battle at Appomattox Court House, which would lead to the Surrender of Confederate Commander Robert E. Lee. This surrender is considered the most significant of any surrender during the Civil War and happened April 9, 1865. Many would consider this to be the official end to the Civil War, however, per, there was at least one more recorded battle of the United States Civil War. That battle would be that of The Battle of Palmito Ranch, which started over a month after the Civil War “ended”, on May 12, 1865, with a surprising confederate victory. This battle, which was started by Union general Theodore Harvey Barrett, who knew of Lee`s surrender, decided to “attack Confederate outposts and camps in the area” (Palmito Ranch). Confederate commander Col. John S. “Rip” Ford, lead the confederate troops to victory by attacking the Union with artillery, ultimately taking 117 casualties to the Union, while Ford`s men suffered but 6. After the battle though, the Confederate forces in the area would surrender to the Union, making this the last recorded battle of the Civil War. The Civil War, however, would not be declared to be over until over a year later by President Johnson on August 20th, 1866. This goes on to prove Spiller`s Proposition by showing us that even if a war is effectively declared to be over, the battles may still rage on even if there is no true hope of victory for the other side. The Battle of Palmito Ranch showed us that even if the winning side knows that the war is effectively over, that they may still be willing to try to rub salt in the wound of that of the defeated side. This attempt at rubbing salt in the wound however, ultimately backfired on the Union that day and showed us that the Confederates would still be willing to fight to defend themselves if they needed to.
Sources“Appomattox Court House.” American Battlefield Trust,, Matthew. Between War and Peace: How America Ends Its Wars. Free Press, 2012.“Palmito Ranch.” American Battlefield Trust,


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