Objective:Using your research proposal from earlier in the semester as your guide, complete a research paper analyzing a specific social problem that we experience in society today from a constructionist perspective, with a focus on analyzing an existing policy to address/ameliorate this problem and a discussion of possible policy responses to address/ameliorate this problem. Your paper should include the following 5 components:Introduction. Further developing what you submitted for your research proposal, briefly introduce the reader to the specific social problem you are looking into. Make sure you give a sense of the prevalence and magnitude of this problem using empirical evidence and other information. (5 points)Sociological Analysis. Use your sociological “know how” to provide some context about how we might think about this problem. For example, what are the various social forces shaping the social problem you are studying? What groups are most impacted and why? How do cultural values influence how various groups understand this problem? (10 points)Policy Analysis. Share at least one existing policy that attempts to combat this problem in some way. The policy may be current or a previously existing policy. The policy may address this problem in any context that you choose (e.g. governmental policy or institutional policy). The policy may address this social problem federally across the whole United States, within a specific state, a specific town, a specific institution (even Chesapeake College!), or within the context of another country. In addition to briefly describing the policy, you should provide some discussion of how this policy attempts to address this problem as well as a critique of how well this policy addresses the complexity of their social problem. Make sure to provide a citation showing where you got your information. (10 points)Recommendations. Now for the fun part! Discuss some possible policy responses to this problem. You do not need to solve the problem (oh that we could), simply suggest areas of social life and society where we might start to address the root causes and/or conditions that lead to and/or exacerbate the problem. (10 points)Conclusion. Much as Best does in Chapter 10 of our textbook, I want you to bring all you’ve learned together by comparing the problem you’ve been studying across time and space. How might such comparisons inform various stakeholders and claimsmakers going forward? (5 points)Details:Your final paper should be about 4-5 pages long. I’m less concerned with a specific page/word count and more concerned with quality of content.Make sure to include headings and sub-headings, specifically these components (the final 10 overall quality points):A title for your paper that helps to identify your social problemIntroductionSociological AnalysisPolicy AnalysisRecommendationsConclusionReference list in APA format (at least 5 sources, with representation from activists, experts, and media)You must use in-text citations and a final reference list in APA format; You do NOT need to concern yourself with precise APA formatting (e.g. a running header, title page, precise title/subtitle spacing, etc.). Make sure it’s thoughtfully laid out and easy to read and I’m happy.


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