Who’s on Our Writing Team?

Writers at Paper Help. You don’t see them but they always stay on guard to take your writing request under control. For you, they are writing helpers. For us, they are much more than just people who work remotely. 

Are they the biggest asset of our essay writing service? Yes! Do we give a lot of our time to hire the best of them? Definitely! Here’s what it takes to find brilliant writers, our driving force in achieving the main goal – quality!

How We Hire Writers

Before the new writers end up in our Galaxy, they go through these three steps:

Grammar & Writing Tests

We analyze the writer’s skills both with grammar and writing tests. They exert their level of English, the quality of writing, and knowledge of how to avoid plagiarism. If they get the needed score, we invite them to an interview.

Online Interview

We interview each writer who successfully passed both tests. Such an online meeting shows us whether they are as good as their CVs. We seek for energetic people with such personal qualities as friendliness, flexibility, and ability to handle pressure.

1 Month Test Drive

Finally. On this step, we invite the writers to our Team. They start off under supervision of our managers and apply their skills and talents in practice – meeting deadlines, communicating with clients, effectively managing a heavy workload on their own, etc.

After the probation period is over, the writers get to one of the 3 categories: Basic, Advanced, TOP. How do we decide on the category? It is based on the following variables: the number of years in the writing field, feedback and the number of stars the writer gets from clients, quality of the delivered works, and the level of English.

What is meant by the writer’s levels

Be sure! The hired writers at Paper Help are the guys who deserved the benefit of being hired!


Standard writer assigned to all orders at no extra charge. Such a writer has at least 3 years of writing experience in many fields of study.


Best in the requested field of study. They are focused on the list of the limited subjects and study them thoroughly regularly. Such writers have no less than 4-star rating out of 5 stars. Available for some additional cost.

TOP writer

Native English writer with the highest rating and the best feedback from our clients.

Meet and Hire our TOPs

Here’s the list of our TOP-10 writers. You can hire one directly from this page.


Have a question? Get it answered!

We hire the writers from English-speaking countries, including the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

You can choose one of the TOP-10 writers directly from this page or the one you have added to the list of your favorite writers in the Writers section inside your Control panel.

Yes! You will be able to send messages to your writer on the order you placed. Discuss the details of your order and ask questions. If the writer is offline when you have an urgent question or comment, you can contact our managers in 24/7 chat and they will do their best to contact the writer asap.

Each of our TOP writers is the most experienced one, meaning they have years of expertise and received the highest rating from our customers – minimum 4.5 out of 5 stars. Plus, the number of such writers is limited which is why they have the highest value!

Does it cost extra money? Writer’s categories are available at the second step of the order form. Once added, you’ll see the total price in the Summary section. If it is Advanced or TOP writer, the price will get higher. Basic writer is available at no additional cost.

10 Facts About Our Writers

The things you should know:

They are from the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada

All of them hold either BA, MA, or PhD degrees

There are 3 writers’ categories: Basic, Advanced, TOP

You can hire the same writer again and again with ID

"Previous writer" option is available for 24-hour deadlines and more

Writers can write in simple English for foreign clients

88% of writers are native speakers

You can chat directly with the writer on your order

Writers know all academic formatting requirements

You can add writers to favorites and rate them