Part 1)Whether you’re writing or presenting an email, plan, pitch, or presentation, you must define your goal, figure out what substance will accomplish the goal for your audience, decide upon the proper tone, and have a clear lead.After creating a lead, middle, and end, all communication requires what our authors in Chapter 7 call “review, edit, and tighten.” This is what you should be working on as you draft your plan.Post part or all of your rough draft in the discussion for peer review and professor feedback. Remember, feedback is a gift—give and receive it wisely.Part 2)Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.peer post below:Greetings Professor and classmatesPlease find my outline attached for review.1.Description:a.New job opportunity interviewb.This topic is professionally important to me because I am a human resource professional,and I have also worked in human services for many years. As a result, I am uniquely aware ofthe challenges that many face seeking work.2.Goal:i.The goals and outcomes I want to achieve with this communication is providingsimple and practical methods and training to make people more successful andconfident in their ability to interview. The outcomes are clear, concise, andactionable in that my audience connecting to gainful employment is the measure.3.Audience:a.My target audience is anyone looking for employment even if they are already employed.However, my ideal goal is to reach students and those who have never interviewed before.i.The professional positions of the audience members will include students. employedindividuals, and job seekers.ii.The demographic characteristics will the audience comprise of mostly low-incomeindividuals who may not otherwise have access to such information.iii.My relationship to the audience is a Teacher, Mentor, Critic, and Fan.iv.The background knowledge and expertise the audience has varies from individualsthat have never worked to people looking for a career change.v.The audience knows that the information is geared towards helping them be aneffective and successful interviewer. The audience’s feelings are mixed, some arescared and apprehensive, while others are eager and excited about the newinformation for consumption. The expectations concerning this communication isthat they will learn the art of interviewing or sharpen their current interview only preconceptions or biases that I possess that might prevent me frombuilding rapport with your audience is that I believe in everyone’s greatness andsometimes convincing someone of that can be difficult.b.What information is available about your audience?i.What research or sources will you use to obtain information about the audience?ii.What conclusions have you been able to draw about the audience?c.The tone I will use to convey my message will be one of hope and faith.i.The setting will be casual to make the audience comfortable with sharing whilecreating a sense of value for everyone.ii.The communication will be personal as everyone’s needs and expectations of thiscommunication are unique.4.Key Message:a.The primary message I must convey to my audience is “you can do it”. Even the members ofthe audience that are currently employed or have held employment before may be just asanxious about the interview process as those who have never interviewed before.i.The message is compelling because I will be sure to show in my actions as well aswords that I am committed to them getting to the goal.ii.My message is clear and concise and is not hard to grasp.iii.My message is clearly aligned with my audience’s goals and needs because they areinterested in strengthening their interview abilities and that is exactly what mycommunication hopes to help them achieve.5.Supporting Points: a.Some points, reasons, or justifications that support my message are that interviewing is anart and needs to be practiced. The job market is changing by the minute and stayingrefreshed on new trends will make them more successful in their job search. There needs tobe investments in the next generation in our workforce.i.I will use sources such as labor market data, demographics, and psychographics tosupport my message.6.Channel Selection:a.The communication style I will employ is consult/join. The reason for this is I will need toassess where each individual skills are and cater my approach to one-of-one. I will also needto join in and offer real-time feedback and solicit questions from the group.b.Th channels I will use to deliver your message are verbal and interactive. Verbally to providedirections, and information and interactive to give the get the audience involved, Afterall, thepurpose is to ensure they leave effective interviewees. This is the most effective methodbecause I am sure, and the audience members are sure that they got what they expectedfrom the communication.c.The purpose served by each style and channel I have selected is to ensure an interactiveexperience that leave the audience members feeling like they did not sit through a lecturerather they participated and offered insight into the process. This create and increased valuein the overall experience.7.Action Request:a.My action request is that the participants go out there and achieve the career they arelooking for and have the confidence that they are now effective interviewees!b.The action I am requesting of my audience is clear, concise, and easily actionable becausetogether we have successfully made them skilled interviewees and they are better preparedbecause of it,


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