Personality Assessment

Personality assessment is a term used to refer to the administration, scoring, and interpretation of measures of personality styles and traits that are supported empirically. As a result, personality assessment is an important part of organizational and clinical conceptualizations (Shorey, 2018). It is also an important part of change initiatives and intervention planning. Personality assessments are used for various purposes including clinical diagnoses, psychological intervention, and prediction of behavior. The use of personality assessments for different purposes is attributable to the fact that these tests provide insights that help characterize people. In essence, personality assessments help in the identification and characterization of individuals personality features.

Given their significance in clinical and organizational conceptualizations, different types of personality assessments exist. There are different types of personality assessments that are used for various purposes. An example of a type of personality assessment is type-based personality assessments, which examines a collection of personality attributes that are classified together (Stockdale, 2013). This type of personality assessment is based on Jungs theory of personality since it examines a group of personality traits. According to Morris & Maisto (2016), Carl Jung divided personality traits into two broad categories i.e. introvert and extrovert. These two broad categories formulate the basis of type-focused personality assessments. To this extent, type-based personality assessments evaluate ones personality based on introversion or extroversion. Unlike other kinds of personality tests, type-based personality assessments are used to describe psychological differences between healthy people. These assessments do not imply personality preferences but rather demonstrate inborn personality differences.

When using these personality assessments, individuals can be grouped into groups since they are bi-modal. Even though an individual can either be introverted or extroverted,…

Type-based personality assessments are used to measure in-born personality preferences/traits but not measure skills, natural ability, competence, excellence, or psychological issues. Type-based personality assessments can be used for various purposes including team working and coaching. In addition, this type of personality assessment is useful for career development initiatives.

One of the most commonly used type-based personality assessments is the Myers-Briggs Personality Test (MBTI). Similar to other type-based personality assessments, MBTI seeks to measure individuals in-born personality preferences/traits. MBTI measures personality preferences based on their preferences of four major psychological functions. These personality assessments generate up to 16 distinctive personality types.

Type-based personality assessments are associated with some pros and cons. One of the advantages of type-based personality assessments is their provision of insights regarding an individuals strengths and weaknesses. These personality tests achieve this through measuring an individuals inborn personality traits or preferences. Secondly, the results of type-based personality assessments are useful or beneficial in different settings including career development, team building, and coaching. Third, type-based personality assessments can be used as the premise for promoting ones personal development and growth. However, type-based personality assessments are characterized by some disadvantages including the lack of scientific validity. While most of these tests are employed in different settings, they lack scientific validity. Secondly, these personality assessments are limited since they measure traits based on two major categories.

Personality Theory

Morris & Maisto (2016) define personality as the unique patterns of thoughts, behaviors, or feelings of an individual. Personality basically incorporates an individuals unique differences that are essentially stable and enduring. Personality is an issue that has attracted considerable attention in the field of psychology. Psychologists have…

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