Please utilize the required template that begins on page 2 and address each of these three essay components under the provided headings. Please include the headings, outlined in red boxes, in your final publish.
1. Interest Statement
a. Please discuss your interest in entering the social work profession.
b. Describe your career goals in the social work profession.
2. Academic Statement
a. Share your reasons for pursing a graduate degree at Capella University.
b. Discuss your experience in using the Internet and computer technology (email, social media, video, chats, etc.) to complete important tasks and how it may serve you as a graduate student at Capella University.
c. Describe the support you will have to promote your success in a graduate program (i.e., family, friends, community, colleagues, etc.).
d. Outline and describe your academic progress to date (include your overall GPA achieved, honors, awards, etc.), how you were successful in achieving your undergraduate degree, how you overcame challenges and life experiences while earning your degree, and how you will be successful in the MSW program at Capella University.
3. Social Justice Statement
a. Describe your commitment to social and economic justice for all persons.


Insert your answer to statement number 1 here:
I am most interested in studying to become a Social Worker I have a deep passion to help people solve their problems, to position them to put the past behind them, and get their lives back on track. This interest was developed incrementally and over a long period of time. A profound exposure to helping others came from my mother work. My mother was a social worker, and as child I often accompanied her on many of her in-home visits. I was deeply impressed by her heartfelt desire to help others improve their lives. I saw first hand how a social worker takes on many hats in order to help clients and client families. The experience of witnessing my mother in the role of a social worker and case manager left a very profound impression on me for the need of client and with high regard for the work. I am very interested in the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program at Argosy University. The program is recognized for it’s practioner focus and with it’s embrace of diversity and I believe it offers the perfect education culture for me. The Social Work degree can help me to the next level of professional, but more importantly it would give me the skills to help individuals contend with their mental health challenges. This would be good for the individual, for the family and by extension the community. The Social Work program is therefore a vital part of my plan and my hope is for an invitation to join the program at Capella university.
While I have knowledge of therapeutic counseling techniques, dual diagnosis, and chemical dependency treatment, my practice led me to work within hospital settings, with the veterans, children’s institutions, such as Echo Glenn Children center, and correctional facilities. These exposed me to the practical understanding of client needs, the institutional objective, and, by both observations and through a theoretical framework, an understanding of what is expected of the programs by the society. Allowing the inmates to have better life outcomes through counseling and substance abuse treatment is a critical step in the reintegration program. Rather than supposing the correctional facilities are rehabilitative, as a social worker, one has to create a platform that is independent of the demands of the criminal justice system. Collaboration with these facilities, while requiring an evidence-based community approach, is vital in enhancing the quality of the outcomes.


Insert your answer to statement number 2 here:
I have sizeable years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation in the Seattle area and have worked with many agencies that offer case management and counseling services. This exposure has also worked to increase my interest to advance my counseling skills. As a drug and alcohol counselor, I provide tools to allow my clients to disengage from their addictive patterns, and I help the family group improve communication and structure a more healthy family dynamic. The first step in the process of healing and recovery is to build a team with all the family members and work together to identify and investigate the problem. I strive to reach a non-judgmental understanding with my clients, using language they understand and feel comfortable with, and I believe I am successful at my job because I communicate on the same level as my clients and I respect the opinion of each individual and family member involved
Fundamentally, people should better the society they live in. While some follow the scientific approach, devising engineering and medical solutions, others are inclined to a political approach that harnesses their skills towards ensuring better economic and legal outcomes. However, it is the social worker that has to manage the issues that emerge while people are in their pursuit of a dream. A look at the society will show cases of drug and substance abuse, neglect children and eventually a psychological breakdown that renders one susceptible to suicidality. Curbing these extremes requires dedication and evidence-based preparedness. Granted, I do feel that joining Capella University School of Social Work would be a critical step in guiding me towards lending a hand to society.
To begin with, the pursuit of an academic program is inspired by a distinct set of factors. While the desire to change the world is seemingly common across the board, my experience dealing with neglected children, rehab clients, and other people plagued with the subsequent challenges of drug and substance use have revealed the dire condition society is in. While people have been running in droves to engage in these behaviors, often unintending to develop an addiction, the number of people on the other end is small. The growth of a society is contingent upon the contribution of all. To have some incapacitated, and eventually ignored is to lay an extra load on the rest of the community. Being a social worker is an attempt at redress.


Insert your answer to statement number 3 here:
Enhancing human dignity entails addressing and eliminating factors contributing to indignity. While the ethics of what is right for an individual may draw controversy, a social worker’s mandate is, as I have observed, built on ensuring personal, and eventually collective, wellbeing. Protecting client data, notably, is amongst the expected elements of practice. While maintaining good case files is essential in facilitating confidentiality, treatment plans have to be in collaboration with other professionals. Having a B.Sc. in psychology, while vital to the process, is not the absolute answer in the criminal justice system, an academic institution, or within the hospital setting. With collaboration being essential, it is appropriate, however, that I pursue social work qualifications.
Looking at the school’s mission statement, I have developed the perception that it is a suitable platform for my training as a social worker. Not only are the programs geared towards a commitment to social and economic justice but also, the community-based approach is integral to human dignity and equality. In my practice, the realization that every member of society, from children to veterans and even drug addicts, has inherent potential opened my eyes to the need for a platform that facilitates its release. The university’s social work program offers an opportunity at navigating ethical issues while, in collaboration with researchers and community leaders, creating contextual solutions. Although it would be wrong to suppose a one-size-fits-all approach to social work challenges, I believe that the training offered is critical to grounding my knowledge and experience in search of a responsive framework.
As such, an understanding of the root causes of individual and collective problems, while vital to the solution generation process, must inform the subsequent strategies. The desire to be a social worker is contingent upon my hope that, rather than adopting the psychological approach to the issues, I would also have the skills vital for wide-ranging social impact. It is not only right that I work to facilitate substance dependence treatment, for instance, but that I am equipped to address the precipitating factors. I believe that an academic pursuit at Capella University School of Social Work will enhance my capacity for working within the community.


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