Attached.Report: Research articlesResearch articlesby HALGeneral metrics17,8382,89012711 min 33 sec 22 min 13 seccharacterswordssentencesreadingtimespeakingtimeWriting IssuesNo issues foundPlagiarismThis text hasn’t been checked for plagiarismReport was generated on Thursday, Sep 24, 2020, 11:10 PMPage 1 of 12Report: Research articlesUnique Words16%Measures vocabulary diversity by calculating thepercentage of words used only once in yourdocumentunique wordsRare Words35%Measures depth of vocabulary by identifying wordsthat are not among the 5,000 most common Englishwords.rare wordsWord Length5Measures average word lengthcharacters per wordSentence Length22.8Measures average sentence lengthwords per sentenceReport was generated on Thursday, Sep 24, 2020, 11:10 PMPage 2 of 12Report: Research articlesResearch articles11PROBLEM-BASED DECISIONRunning Head: PROBLEM-BASED DECISION 1Problem Based DecisionNameCourseDateResearch articlesIntroductionDecision making is an essential tool in the nursing sector that assists in thereduction of the effects of a speci c challenge that may be experienced in thehealthcare sector. There are several approaches that can be integrated into thenursing sector to learn about a problem, and gain an insight into the effectsassociated with the tough challenge. The creation of the good practice that mayassist in allowing the stakeholders in the nursing sector to come up with themost in uential decision makes it easy for the nursing sector in question toreduce the chances of failure that may be experienced. Critical thinking amongthe stakeholders in the nursing practice is among the measures that make itReport was generated on Thursday, Sep 24, 2020, 11:10 PMPage 3 of 12Report: Research articleseasy for the members of the healthcare sector to determine the right actionthat is needed in ensuring that the way that the clinical industry is able toreduce the chances of failure that may be experienced in this sector. Thefollowing section integrates the studies that were completed by researchers inthe aim of collecting information regarding the problems in the clinical settingsand the effects that they may have.Literature reviewThe study by Wosinski et al. (2018) is one of the articles in which the researcherwas able to evaluate the effects of the problem based learning on the learners.The researcher relied on the use of a similar theoretical framework that made iteasy for the collection of similar results in that the involved participants arguedthat they depended on problem-based learning. The application of a relatedtheory that had a positive association with all the participants in the studymade it easy for the researcher to gain a positive insight on the challenges thatare experienced in the nursing sector and the measures that are put in place tomake it easy for the managerial team in the nursing units to address them.The central recurring theme that was seen in the overall ndings was that thererequires the application of the right tool that may make it easy for the nursingstudents to be able to reduce the effects of the tough challenges. In relation tothe areas that may need additional studies, the researcher argued that thererequires the development of measures that may make it easy for theimprovement of reasoning. Khatiban et al. (2019) further investigated thedifferences that may be experienced between the lecture-based and theproblem based among the nurses. The aim of this study was to create adifferent understanding of the need to have knowledge of ethics in nursing.The use of different theoretical frameworks is one of the practices that makesit easy for a researcher to investigate more than one theoretical approach thatReport was generated on Thursday, Sep 24, 2020, 11:10 PMPage 4 of 12Report: Research articlesmay have related meaning and effect on the main study. The rese…


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