Reflect on your DISC Assessment;   ; then
2. Take the following Meyers-Briggs (M-B) personality test
3. Analyze your M-B personality type by referring to the website below.
4. Then select your own 10 most important values from the list and rate them 1-10 (most to least).  Reflect and narrow down your top 3 values.  You may add a priority value if it is not already listed.  
5. After reflecting on your personal assessment data, the professional issues course readings, assignments, and clinical experiences take the professional transitions survey.  The survey consists of short answers, multiple choice or multiple answers, and brief narrative reflection.   
Instructions: After taking these test, can you answer these questions below
NURS 4416 Professional Transition Survey and Reflection: Students will access the survey link to conduct the entire assignment. To receive a grade, please Do NOT forget to enter your name on the survey.

Personal Assessment Questions: 10 Points
What is your M-B 4 letter personality type?
What is your primary DISC score?
What are your top three values?
What is your leadership style?
What is your overall EI score?

Personal Assessment Reflection: 10 Points
Provide a narrative reflection (150 – 300 words) after analysis of your personal assessment data? How will you use the assessment information in transitioning from student nurse to professional practice?

Leadership Characteristic Reflections: 20 Points
Identify a leadership characteristic found in each of the following books. In a “very brief” paragraph (2-5 sentences) describe how it could be used in a nursing leadership role. You are allowed to use a quote or paraphrase from the book as long as you give the author credit.
Who Moved My Cheese? (Spencer, 2002)
7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey, 2004)
Crucial Conversations (Patterson, et al., 2002)
Four Conversations (Brace, 2009)
Emotional Intelligence (Bradberry & Greaves, 2009)

Readiness to take NCLEX Questions: 20 Points
Did you participate in the Summer Retention Program? Yes or no
Why or why not?
If yes, do you think it was helpful in reviewing and retaining NCLEX-RN information?
What is your ATI Comprehensive Exam Predictor Score?
On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you that you will pass NCLEX on first attempt? (1 not ready at all – 5 very ready)
After graduation, how will you continue to prepare for NCLEX? Multiple Answer
a) Virtual ATI (VATI)
b) ATI Board Vitals
c) Non-ATI Review Course
d) Other – Requires explanation

Professional Transition Goals Questions: 20 Points
Do you plan to join a professional nursing organization? Yes or no. If yes, which one(s)?
Do you plan to become certified in a nursing specialty within years of graduation? If yes, which one(s)?
Do you plan to participate in volunteer community service? If yes, describe?
Do you plan to continue your nursing education in a graduate school? If yes, describe?
Do you have an interest in a nursing leadership role?
Do you currently have employment as a nurse upon graduation? If yes, what city, organization, and specialty? If no, go to the next question.
If you are not employed as a nurse upon graduation, do you expect to gain a nursing job in the Houston Community within four months of graduation? If yes, what city, organization, and specialty?

Professional Transition Goal Statements: 20 Points
List 3 SMART professional goals (1 year, 3 years, 5 years)


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