Programme Title: Honours Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Disability Studies
Academic Year: 2019/20
Module Title: Current Issues in Social Care
Learner Group Code: L8MBACDS20OC
You are required to complete the following assessment for this module:
• Assignment (80%)
• Online Activities (20%)
Please refer to the rubric for details on how the assessment is marked.
Please ensure to read the Assessment Submission section of this document which details the submission requirements for this module. The Assessment Checklist is at the end of this document.
You can email your tutor at any point during your studies if you have any questions or queries. Your tutor will reply within 48 hours on week days. The tutorial date for this module will be posted in the News Forum on My Learning Centre. It is strongly encouraged that you use your tutorial support as you are working through your module. Your tutor’s email address is available in the News Forum.
The e-learning department will provide you with any technical support that you require throughout this module. You can contact the team at [email protected] Please note that the E-learning Department will provide you with support around the technical elements of your study such as library access, using Google Drive and Google Docs, uploading assignments and accessing resources on MyOTC Learning Centre. Any questions relating to the content of your module and assignment or the academic side of your study needs to be directed to your tutor.
The assignment must be submitted electronically as one document. To do this, you need to create and complete your assignment in Google Docs (please refer to your Online Module for instructions).
Once your assignment is completed, you need to upload it to Please note you only need to upload your introduction, main body and conclusion to as there is a limit on the file size you can upload.
Then, you need to share your document with [email protected]
Please ensure that you follow the College’s assignment naming scheme:
Surname, First Name, Module, Learner Group Code.
This refers to the file name in the top left corner of the document, this is not the header. You can find your Learner Group Code on top of the previous page (below the module title).
Your submission is complete when you have shared your completed assignment with [email protected], before the submission date – Monday, 17 February 2020 by 12.00 noon. Assignments not named correctly will not be accepted by the Assessment Department and you will be required to resubmit which may incur a late submission penalty (see Student Handbook for further detail on penalties).
Please also note that once you submit your assignment, no changes will be accepted after the submission date. Late submissions will require an approved extension or else they might incur a late submission penalty.
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you name and submit your assignment correctly.
Choose one of the identified demographic groups.
Critically evaluate the current issues for the identified group in relation to future service provision, social care supports and in accessing services that are regulated and ethical, that seek to attain the highest standards for each individual in Ireland.
Note the current issue paper provided should be seen as a starting point for your research.
Word count: 3000 words
With your peers, explore the following topics:
Topic 1: Identify any common themes and differences between the current issues for the three demographic groups.
Topic 2: What lessons are available for mainstream services from the structures, supports and cur-rent issues of the three demographic groups within disability?
You must address the following requirements in each discussion:
? Post a 150-word view and respond to at least 3 postings from your peers (this level of posting is seen as pass level).
? Do not leave all posting until submission day. Try to post at least three postings eve-ry week.
? Support your discussions with key references from relevant sources.

Credit will be given to those that engage fully with the online discussion process and whose actions build a successful community of learning on this topic.
These discussions should be completed across the duration of the module timeline.
Module Title: Current Issues In Social care
Assessment Method Task completed
Cover Page and Declaration of Own Work present
Have you completed your assessment as a Google Document on Google Drive?
Have you named your document correctly?
Surname, First Name, Module, Learner Group Code
Have you uploaded your assessment to Turnitin?
Have you submitted your assignment by sharing it with one email address only: [email protected]?
Online Discussion
Have you completed one original posting for each discussion activity?
Have you responded to at least three other posts per discussion activity?
Submission date for this assignment is Monday, 17 February 2020 by 12.00 noon.


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