Purpose: to present informative research in a story-telling mini-documentary format: video, podcast, or website.Project Requirements:6-10 minutes in length (if video or podcast)MLA format and citation styleWorks Cited page with corresponding in-text citations in your script, video, and/or textAt least at 4 scholarly/academic research sources;(You may repeat some sources from your Informative Research Essay 2, but you need to add more NEW sources to defend your thesis of either supporting or opposing an issue, whichever side you choose.)Works Cited page MUST include citations for all images, photos, videos clips/footage as sources usedDocumentary Topic: Using your Essay 2, choose one side, either supporting or opposing. Then you will add TWO MORE REASONS. You will have FOUR (4) supporting or FOUR (4) opposing reasons total.Target Audience: a much broader, universal audience (more than just one English professor)Style: Still full of researched information but less formal than an academic research essay. Inform your audience using grammatically correct “writing.”Creativity: Do not assume these are the limitations, but here are some ideas.Use the link from last week to find images, video and or audio clips.Pictures of people, paintings, art, or locations (cite even if you are photographer/artist)Screenshots of news articlesScreen captures of website headlinesScanned documentsPictures of interview transcriptsShort segments of videos you shot yourselfShort segments of videos from archived historical videosShort segments of videos from news sourcesInterview videos that you have createdInterview videos that you foundAnimations (such as text being highlighted real time)If you run into a problem thinking up ideas, watch a few snippets of documentaries online to help with your creativity. Just make sure if you use any of these that you cite them.MINI-DOCUMENTARY STRUCTURE:Introduction PartCatch the reader’s attention and get them curiousIndicate the subject and focus, which is the thesis statementSubject Content PartMake extensive use of scholarly research sources in a way that educates the audience about the subject and supports the thesis and purposeContain organized ideas (4 reasons)Transition between ideas in a way that helps the reader follow the thesis direction and purpose of the documentaryLeave readers feeling knowledgeableEnding/Conclusion PartAddress the problems related to controversial topic of documentary byAsk some questionsor make statements about the problems with what was said or what is currently known about the subjectCall-to-action part should tell your audience what they should do next:Answer a survey questionnaire: post questionnaireSign an online petition: post the link to petitionWrite to leaders: list contact name, address, phone number, and email of local officialsParticipate in reader challenge: post pictures and add hashtag on social mediaVolunteer: list volunteering organization name and contact informationDonate money: list specific name and link of donation causeYou may include your personal contact information if you want.State clearly in your mini-documentary (verbally or visually) when you are referencing your research sources.For example, in a Podcast, you would introduce the information by saying “According to Smith”; whereas, in a documentary, you may put the citation at the bottom of the screen.The same rules apply here as they did in the essay:all sources cited must be referenced in the video/podcast/website, andall sources referenced in the video should appear on your Works Cited page.Based on your evaluation of the sample student mini-documentaries provided on Blackboard, you should take notes on what other documentaries have done well:organizationscholarly research information as evidencecreativity: photos, sounds, images, graphs, charts, maps, video clips, etc.relevant & informativefollowed project requirementsI have attached Essay 2 in the files tab. Choose a side and write a 6-10 minute script Im doing the videoso i need a script on whether marijuana should be legal or not (you can choose which side u want to support)


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