REPLY TO 2 POST 150 WORDS EACH POST – POST ONE Hello Class,I saw a joke recently that I would like to share with you all, “There are two types of people in this world, those that can extrapolate from data,……….”I love that joke, and I find it fitting for this week`s discussion and the start of our class. I believe that this class will help us all become the type of person that can easily recognize and analyze data.There are two types of data, Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative data is represented by numerical values such as weight and prices, qualitative data is represented by words like names and colors.I feel like the majority of advantage comes from quantitative data because it has more variables for you to work with and allows for a fuller understanding of data which in turn, makes it easier to problem solve and make more informed decisions. Whereas qualitative data is measured by nominal variables that can not be statistically analyzed.As a small business owner I can create a laundry list of all the different types of data collected to make informed decisions about my business as well as perform the actual service that my company offers, but I wont do that to you, I will keep it short I promise. As a garage door service technician and salesman I use both quantitative and qualitative data to asses problems and make repairs as well as explain options to my customers so that they can make the most informed decisions about how they want their garage door repaired. Presenting estimates for different colors and styles of doors would be an example of qualitative data, while tracking inventory to make sure product is being used and purchased in the most efficient way would be an example of quantitative data. ——— POST TWO Quantitative data are expressed in a numerical value and can be formed in interval variables, and ratio variables. Quantitative also contains variables that can form discrete data and/or continuous data. Interval Variables have order and the difference in values have meaning. Ratio Variables have been ordered, and the difference in its value has meaning even at zero. Discrete data can only be formed as an integer, and continuous can take any value. Qualitative data is expressed in words, known for their qualities, and formed in nominal cannot be ordered, ordinal in which the sequencing has meaning.After knowing this looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each becomes clear. Qualitative data is better used for gathering data things as study groups or hypothesizing with non-numerical values. Quantitative is best used for gathering data where the “Number will count,” such as calculating the propulsion force to send a rocket to space, or the amount of medicine needed to put a patient to sleep for surgery based on body weight.In my professional life, I deal with quantitative data daily as I audit service members` pay to ensure they are in receipt of the correct amount of pay, and entitlements, or ensure that their deductions are accurately posted. An example of qualitative data used in my professional life would be the annual prep for the Marine Corps Ball. In that gathering votes or dinner, location, and gathering estimates on who is bringing their family.


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