Questions about “The Five Sexes”1) In “The Five Sexes,” AnneFausto-Sterling writes that doctors surgically altered the genitals of childrenwho were born with visible intersex characteristics so that they looked like“typical female” or “typical male” genitals because they believed thesesurgeries would enable the children to “slip quietly into society as ‘normal’heterosexual males and females” (1993, p.22).a) What specific assumption did these doctors make about theconnection between sex (meaning the category one is assigned to based on anatomicaland physiological characteristics) and sexuality? Explain the assumption inyour own words. (1 mark)b) Review the definition of “heterosexism” from the PositiveDefinitions exercise we did in week 1. Then explain in your own words howheterosexist assumptions influenced these doctors’ belief that children withintersex characteristics should undergo “normalizing” genital surgeries. (2 marks)Question about“Hermaphrodites with Attitude”2) In the first paragraph of the section titled “My Careeras a Hermaphrodite: Renegotiating Cultural Meanings” (on p.193), Chase explainshow two different teams of doctors examined Chase’s genitals and came to twodifferent conclusions about Chase’s “sex.” Carefully read Chase’s explanationof what each team of doctors observed and how each team interpreted what theysaw. What do these processes of sex assignment reveal/emphasize abouta) the process of assigning sex to children born withintersex characteristics, andb) the relationship (similarity/difference) between “male”and “female” genital anatomy. (3 marks)Questions about “MyLife Without Gender”4 a) Tyler Ford (2015) writes thatsome people “don’t know what to make of me when they see me.” What commonassumption(s) about sex and gender does Ford’s gender expressionchallenge? Please be specific. (1 mark)b) Why do some people want to knowwhat Ford’s genitals look like? In other words, what assumption do thosepeople make about the relationship between genitals and gender identity? (1 mark)c) How does Ford describe therelationship between their body and their gender? Please explain Ford’s pointusing your own words. (1mark)5) Ford (2015) also comments, “Myexistence causes people to question everything they have been taught aboutgender, which in turn inspires them to question what they know aboutthemselves, and that scares them.”What specific questions might Ford’s existence as anagender person inspire people to ask about their own gender identities and/orunderstandings of gender?Identify one specific question and brieflyexplain why asking that question might be scary for people who have notconsciously explored their own gender. (2 marks)Questions about “The Education of Little Cis”6a) What is cisgender privilege?Explain in your own words and give a specific example of how cisgenderprivilege works in everyday life. (2 marks)b) According to Enke, how is identifying andunderstanding cisgender privilege different from asserting cisgender identity?Please explain and be specific. (3 marks)Questions about the unit on Two-Spirit Peoples7) Sexually and gender diverseIndigenous peoples (including the youth Marie Laing interviewed for herresearch project on Two Spirit identity) emphasize that there is not – andshould not be – a single “correct” definition of “Two Spirit.” Why is it soimportant to Indigenous peoples that this term is open to a range of differentinterpretations? Please explain your responseand be specific. (2 marks)8) In “Twin-Spirited Woman,” SayleshWesley argues that as part of the process of reconciliation with Indigenouspeoples “against whom it practiced genocide,” there is a need to for Canada to“atone for its gendercide” (2014, p. 339). What does Wesley mean when sheargues that the Canadian government practiced “gendercide” against Indigenouspeoples? What role did the residential school system play in this process? (3 marks)Question about“Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body”6) Somerville explains that scientists known asanthropometrists once believed that they could find physical evidence ofhomosexuality by measuring body parts. What problem did theseanthopometrists encounter when they tried to prove their theory? Why is thisfinding significant? Please explain in your own words and be specific. (3 marks)7) Somerville outlines the ways that assumptions about “difference”have shaped scientific approaches to both race and sexuality. What doesSomerville’s essay teach us about why should be cautious about scientificresearch that aims to discover the “cause” of homosexuality? Explain in your ownwords, and please be specific. (2 marks)Questions about “AllPower to All People?”8a) Syrus Marcus Ware identifies and discusses severalproblems with mainstream LGBTQ/queer and trans archives in Canada. One problem Ware points out is that mainstream queerand trans archives “create and inscribe a narrative of struggle that alwaysbegins with whiteness” (2017, p.171). How does the centering of the experiencesand actions of white LGBTQ+ people in the archives affect LGBTQ+ people who areBlack, Indigenous or people of colour? Please explain in your own words and bespecific. (2 marks).b) Ware also notes that “[m]ainstream LGBTQ records andmunicipal archives have omitted” initiatives like Desh Pardesh, MayworksFestival of the Arts, and the Counting Past Two Festival (2017, p.174). Why isit important to record and celebrate these events? How does acknowledgingevents such as these ones change the story that the mainstream queer and transarchives construct about Black LGBTQ+people and people of colour? Please explain in your own words and be specific.(2marks)


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