Read these instruction carefully:
1. You must answer the following question in an essay. There is no definite or correct answer to the question. Express your reasoned opinion.
2. The essay must be summarized with a clear and unambiguous argument. Present your argument in one or two sentences at the beginning of the essay. You may qualify your argument, but you must then explain how and under which circumstances the argument would vary.
3. The word limit is 2,500, exclusive of a list of references, notes, or tables (if any – these are not necessary). Please note that only the first 2,500 words will be read; anything beyond that, as well as any text in notes, would be ignored during evaluation.
4. The FA evaluates your knowledge of this course’s material. Thus, base your essay on the course’s reading material and class discussions. While formal referencing is not required, you must make clear in each instance which of the readings or class meetings you are drawing on. Do not draw on additional readings and material other than for empirical evidence (such as documents or statistics).
5. The grade will be high if the essay has a clear and focused argument, the argument is systematically supported, the essay is well organized, is based on a large body of relevant course material, and reflects the student’s strong command of the course’s material. In contrast, aimless or unfocused mentions of facts, articles or theories that are unhelpful in supporting the argument will reduce the grade, as will self-contradictions in the answer. Note that while any part of course material could be relevant to your argument, a good essay is not a catalogue of everything we have studied in this course – it is up to you to establish the relevance.
6. Each student must write the FA alone. Suspiciously similar FAs will be brought to the attention of the Head of the Program.
7. The FAs must be submitted by email. The FAs must comply with the following instructions (FAs that fail to comply may be disqualified):
a. Submit the FA on DOC or DOCX format of Word; not PDF (Adobe Acrobat).
b. The title of the electronic message to which the FA is attached must follow this format exactly (in English): Surname, Name, ID number (the one used for enrollment). For example: Smith, John, 123456789.
c. Acknowledgment of receipt will be returned to the student by electronic mail.
d. It is highly recommended to submit the FA well in advance of the deadline, so as not to be exposed to the risk of unforeseen events that can result in a missed deadline, including hardware, software and communications’ failure. These are solely the responsibility of the student.
The question
Is foreign direct investment beneficial?
(I want you to argue why it is to a host countries, and obviously add later throughout the paper why sometimes it isnt under certain conditions) Strictly only use the provided readings for this paper, the professor made it loud and clear that he will fail us if we use outside sources for this paper


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