Research and analyze the effect of climate change or another major environmental issue on a particular region, community or group. Examples of environmental or climate change issues include:• Unusual weather patterns droughts, forest fires• Flooding due to sea level rise• Deforestation, loss of ecological habitat traditional hunting land• Ecological changes causing forced changes in lifestyle• Toxicity in water, air, environment• Absence of access to healthy food, health care, safe conditions• Urban crowding, living conditions, health, extreme heat.You can look at environmental/climate justice issues in general for the group you are focusing on or in relation to a particular environmental stressor or event. Possible topics include:o North Dakota Pipeline’s effect on the Lakotao Hurricane Katrina’s effect on African Americans,o Effect of loss of salmon and whale habitat for the Inuit,o Forced reliance on GMO seeds by farmers in Indiao Polluted drinking water and its effect on poorer communities such as many reservations and towns in economically challenged areas, such as Flint Michigano Covid-19 disproportionate effects on communities of coloro Forced relocations due to dams, for example on the Yangtze river in Chinao Health effects on indigenous people due to loss of traditional food sourceso Effects of deforestation, soil erosion, air pollution, etc. on any particular communityo Food “deserts” in urban areas and effects on healtho Location of industries, freeways, toxic waste sites in places primarily occupied by communities of color and/or poor communities.o Systematic reduction of land owned by native Hawaiians in Hawaii with implications for traditional uses of the land for food, religious and cultural purposes; including the current Mauna Kea controversyIf appropriate you could consider the differences between the effects of climate change/environmental situation and the degree of contribution of the group to either. Include the larger context within which the specific situation exists, showing connections between the “E”’s of sustainability: social justice, the environment and economics. Also, consider various perspectives of members of this group, including political, cultural, and/or religious. Consider the situation from an environmental justice perspective and analyze through group’s experiences with sustainability. Include scientific and scholarly work and data as evidence. Also consider the historical power structures that have contributed to the situation, especially racist and/or discriminatory policies.Finally consider possible solutions from the perspective of those most effected.The paper should be 7-8 pages minimum. You may use course readings, course materials, and your own sources. Eight to ten sources minimum must be listed in the bibliography and referred to in the text of the paper. Half must be from the Library websites and 3 must be scholarly sources.Note: You may include maps, charts and photographs, either ones from other sources (that you must of course cite) or ones you create yourself using Excel or mapping software such as


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