Select one theory of personality from the following list:Biological Contributions (This is in your textbook as Behavioral and Molecular Genetics)Five-Factor Model of PersonalityHumanistic ModelSocial Cognitive Perspective (see Crash Course Video, Episode #22)Write a 200-400 word post on the theory of personality you have chosen and why it makes the most sense to you. Provide an accurate and detailed description of the approach you select. Compare your choice to the other theories. Name and briefly critique the other theories, how are they different or similar to the theory of your choice? Base your answer on the reading or videos, or you may find additional information in the UMGC library or online. Be sure to cite all sources, including your Saylor (2016) textbook.Imagine that one of your best friends is struggling with his classes. He aspires to graduate in exercise science and go on to earn a degree in occupational therapy, but he failed his first two psychology exams. He’s feeling nervous about his performance and comes to you for advice.During your discussion, you learn that:he gets easily frustrated while working on psychology problems after approaching them the way he has always approached problems in his other classes;he is sleeping less than five hours a night;he works on psychology homework every Tuesday and Thursday night, but not on other days;he always keeps his phone on vibrate to check if he gets messages while he studies;he usually studies by re-reading the chapter;he pulls all-nighters before exams.Based on this conversation, write an email to your friend (between 200-400 words), explaining to him why his studying habits are ineffective and what steps he might take to improve his learning. Include at least 3 concepts from the course materials in your post. Include appropriate vocabulary from this module on memory and problem-solving. Be sure to cite your textbook or the videos in your response.Your assignment is to choose one of your OWN behaviors that you would like to modify, using the conditioning principles you learned about in the text and from the videos. Consider bad habits you might be interested in changing, such as biting your nails, procrastinating, not exercising, etc. You can utilize principles of classical or operant conditioning, recruit others to help you, employ successive approximations, and shaping and modify schedules of reinforcement in order to improve your life. You should spend at least 5 solid days devoted to this project in order to see solid results. Please get started right away. Write a 1- to 2-page paper (300-500 words) that explains your project, the type of conditioning you used, and the methods and procedures used to execute your project. You should explain the process of shaping the behavior and utilize any or all appropriate vocabulary. Finally, include a discussion of the results and an analysis of recommendations for improvement or future changes. Be sure to cite all sources, including your Saylor (2015) textbook.Cultural AnthropologyShare a time when you first experienced a culture other than your own. Did you experience any behaviors in that culture that surprised you?Did you experience or observe behaviors that might be considered deviant by your own cultural standards, but were perfectly acceptable in that culture? What standards did you use to judge if that other culture was practicing “deviant” acts?Would you be able to participate in acceptable acts within this culture, even if they are not acceptable in your culture?: EconomicsThink of a time when you were deciding whether to make a large purchase. What factors did you consider as you were making this decision? How might economic concepts like opportunity, cost, and scarcity apply to your decision?Based on what you read this week, do you think that corporations, governments, and other large-scale social groups make economic decisions based on the same set of factors that you make your personal decisions on? Why or why not? Provide an example from the required materials or your own research to back up your ideas.


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