Merchant logo Miami Regional University Communication Discussion

Merchant logo Miami Regional University Communication Discussion
Assume that you are the project director of a small family planning clinic. You have just received word that your federal and state funds have been slashed and that the clinic will probably close in 3 months. Although an additional funding source may be found, it is improbable that it will occur within that time period. The board of directors informed you that this knowledge is not to be made public at this time. You have five full-time employees at the clinic. Because two of these employees are your close friends, you feel some conflict about withholding this information from them. You are aware that another clinic in town currently has job openings and that the positions are generally filled quickly. DQ: It is important that you staff the clinic for the next 3 months. When will you notify the staff of the clinic’s intent to close? Will you communicate the closing to all staff at the same time? Will you use downward communication? Should the grapevine be used to leak news to employees? When might the grapevine be appropriate to pass on information?

New York University Wk 6 Blood Glucose Monitoring Policy Discussion

New York University Wk 6 Blood Glucose Monitoring Policy Discussion
IAn existing federal public health-related policy that influences the work of my practicum site On April 21, 2016, the HI H 2494 Blood Glucose Monitoring policy was enacted. The Blood Glucose Monitoring policy focuses on giving the department of education’s employees the right to volunteer, administer, and assist students with monitoring their blood glucose levels (Takumi, 2016; Takumi, 2016). This policy influences my practicum site by advocating for A1c or blood glucose screening during school physicals for children with abnormal readings, such as high blood pressure, Body mass index, and weight & family and medical history. The benefit and utility of a policy evaluation Policy evaluation is an important tool necessary for the analysis of a policy to improve its design, content, methods, implementation, and possible impact to further improve the health of the population. In order to evaluate a policy, there are certain steps that should be followed, such as engaging the stakeholders, describing the program, what is the focus of the evaluation design, credible evidence, and justifications (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, 2021). The policy evaluation would help those understand the importance of blood glucose testing and how screenings can be beneficial in detecting abnormalities at an early stage to start the treatment process, which would control, maintain, and prevent diabetes. The public health and economic impacts of the policy and the barriers to its enactment The data I would gather to determine the public health and economic impact of the policy is data that shows a reduction in diabetes in adults if children are screened annually for diabetes. The data would have a control group that is not tested and the treatment group will be tested annually for 10 years and treated if they are deemed prediabetic/diabetic. These data would then be compared to each other to show if early detection results in a lower prevalence rate of diabetes in adults. However there are barriers that might occur with the enactment such as the policy might create discrimination with those from the underserved community schools who lack resources to afford training programs for educators to screen children compared to schools in upper socioeconomic status schools that can afford the resources, tools and training programs. References Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. (2021). Brief 1: Overview of Policy Evaluation. Takumi, D. (2016). HI H 2494- Blood Glucose Monitoring. Retrieved from Takumi, D. (2016). Relating to Blood Glucose Monitoring. Retrieved from Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two references and a minimum of 200 words….. .(The List of References should not be older than 2016 and should not be included in the word count.) Include at least one scholarly reference and appropriate in-text citations and Address all points on the DQ. One point will be deducted for not addressing each item mentioned above. Remember that presenting someone else’s work as your own is plagiarism.  Ask a probing question. Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting. Offer and support an opinion. Validate an idea with your own experience. Make a suggestion. Expand on your colleague’s posting. References American Psychological Association. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.). Washington, DC: Author.


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