HUS 3370 St Petersburg College Issues in Mental Health Discussion

HUS 3370 St Petersburg College Issues in Mental Health Discussion
I have completed the step 1. The topic is Disruptive Mood Deregulation Disorder Module 2 Mental Disorders Fact Sheet – Discussion Forum[Suggestion: post your choice in the forum ASAP as a placeholder to reduce the chance that someone will choose your topic; then go back and “edit” your post with the remainder of your information. Note that the “placeholder itself will NOT count as your initial post]Overview of a Mental Disorder Fact Sheet Assignment / Discussion Forum Instructions can also be found here: Overview of Mental Disorders Discussion Forum InstructionsThis assignment is designed to give students the opportunity to research specific mental disorders that interest them, and to create a tool/FACT Sheet on one of their choice to share their research and important facts about the disorder with others by posting the Fact Sheets in the Module 2 Discussion Forum. Given the number of students in the course, this activity will allow students to learn about a wider range of disorders than might be possible on their own for a single assignment. Completed Fact Sheets are to be posted to the Module 2 Overview of Mental Disorders Discussion Forum. You may also attach the Word doc. to the forum in case students want to download them, but your Fact Sheet needs to be pasted into the forum so that students may see the information without downloading it. Step 1 Open the Module 2 Overview of Mental Disorders Discussion Forum. Review post topics that have already been submitted or identified in the subject line. Choose a mental disorder that you would like to learn more about that has NOT already been chosen and posted in the forum, as duplicate topics will not be accepted for points. Hint: find lists of these in the DSM 5 Table of Contents or at: the name of the disorder in the subject line of the forum to serve as a placeholder so that no other student will choose the same topic. When you have created your Fact Sheet you will be able to go back and use the Edit post function in the forum in order to add your FACT Sheet/information to your post. NOTE: the placeholder itself will NOT count as your Thursday initial post. Step 2 Review the readings, resources, and evidence-based literature on mental illness and mental disorders related to your chosen topic [use a minimum of 2-3 sources]Create a one-page FACT Sheet on the disorder to share with your peers in the Module 2 Overview of Mental Disorders Discussion ForumDo not copy a Fact Sheet that you find online! Create your own, original sheet.Do not simply cut and paste source material for this assignment. You may create the one-page Fact Sheet in the forum itself, or paste in a Word doc but do not provide it as only as a link. Remember to provide citations and references for your work!Your Fact Sheet should include the following:Brief description of the disorderIs there an age range of when it is more likely to might manifest?Possible etiology or causes associated with the disorderSymptomsRisk factors (i.e., for developing the disorder or increased risks for other issues due to the mental disorder such as homelessness, unemployment, infectious disease, other health or psychosocial issues, etc.) See examples at: common signs and symptomsHow prevalent is the disorder? (Check out Resources listed for Module 2)Common treatment approaches used (i.e., medication, therapy, hospitalization, etc.)Common medications associated with treatment for the disorderGeneral prognosis (i.e., highly treatable, long-term treatment, life long?)Do NOT copy and paste from source; provide appropriate citations and references. Module 2, discussion 2. Social Influences on Mental HealthModule 2 Discussion Forum 2Sociologist Allan V. Horwitz (2002) argues that many mental disorders are not really mental disorders at all – they can be more accurately termed normal responses to social stress, social deviance which may or may not be culturally supported, relationship issues, occupational problems or other problems associated with everyday living. O Connor (2002) counters that Horwitz s assertions basically represent a classification of mental disorders as problems that are socially constructed – or are developed in response to political, social, and economic pressure. Likewise, Thomas Szasz (1991) argued that mental illness is socially constructed and that so-called treatment of it bordered on abusiveness.In a post of 200-250 words, discuss your thoughts related to the social aspects of mental illness or mental disorders. Do you think that mental illness is socially constructed? Do you believe that we have medicalized normal reactions to what are everyday stresses of living?You may want to read the optional resource provided on Social Determinants of Mental Illness above. Onset Controllability Module 3 Discussion Forum 1. Feldman and Crandall (2007) assert that the stigma of mental illness can be as harmful as the symptoms and consequences of the illness/disorder. They also note that there is some indication in the literature that the idea of “onset controllability” (that people are able to control the onset of their disease/symptoms or the manifestation of the disorder, or that they may choose a “disability” label) seems to play a part in stigma and social rejection in relation to mental illness. An example that might come to mind, might be someone who chooses to behave as though they have a mental illness to avoid responsibility for their actions (i.e., crimes, undesirable behavior, inability to support themselves, etc.). Think about this in relationship to stereotyping and stigma – do you think that the onset controllability argument plays a part in stigmatization, marginalization, prejudice, etc.?In a post of at least 200 – 250 words, discuss these concepts. Give examples to illustrate your points. Remember to provide appropriate citations and references (you are encouraged to synthesize the module readings and/or seek outside resources as well to help develop your post).

CTU Online Healthcare Marketing Strategies Paper

CTU Online Healthcare Marketing Strategies Paper
Impressed with your executive summary from last week, the chief executive officer (CEO) for New City Home Care would like you to market the company across the region. The goal is to build a stronger relationship with physicians, engage in telemedicine, and expand a broader reach to the community.The first step is for you to analyze and research the changing community and develop a marketing campaign for your boss, the director of development, on how to best connect with the community of Sunny Beach and increase referrals from for New City Home Care.For this assignment, develop an innovative marketing campaign on the above scenario that includes the following elements:Define the target audience, determine the marketing objectives, determine resource requirements, define how the marketing message will be delivered through integrated marketing communication, specify the media plan, and discuss how the marketing campaign will be evaluated.Evaluate the potential impact of the expanded facility in patient satisfaction and developing new marketing share.Assess possible methods to build rapport within Sunny Beach and surrounding communities.Provide details on how ongoing research into the community will help New City Home Care stay ahead of the competition and stay well-connected with community. Consider concepts in monitoring the changing demographics of the community and growing health care sector.The campaign plan should be 5-7 pages, not including title page and reference page, and include at least 5 scholarly references published in the last 5 years. Use of APA formatting is required.


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