The purpose of this assignment is for you to conduct a community assessment and create a powerpoint presentation of your findings.Analyze your county’s data for populations at riskCompare your county’s risks to HP 2030 goalsRecommend a MN PH intervention to promote health outcomes in this population.For background information, link to and skim the purpose of a Community assessment for an overview of North Carolina Community Assessment Guide for an example of a step-by-step tool for county officials to use. Look especially at Phase 3 (Collect Secondary Data), 4 (Analyze and Interpret County Health Data), and 5 (Determine Health Priorities). These are the steps you’ll be completing in your community assessment.To begin:Imagine you are your county’s new Public Health Nursing director, and you are conducting a community assessment. The ppt you will create is for a presentation to your community’s political leaders, concerned citizens, school parents.Find three (3) short instructional videos to help you with the slides: i.e.,1. Video for Slides 0-52. Video for Slide 6 (HP 2030)3. Video for Slides 7 – endTo do:( Link here for a student Community Assessment PPT example)To begin your community assessment, review each of the slide requirements below. Link to the websites and follow the slide directions carefully. Use the following ppt template to build your ppt presentation. You may change the template style, color, font, as long as you keep them in the same order. Insert photos (images) to ‘liven’ up your ppt for your audience:PPT Template: Download and complete this Community Assessment PPT template (Slides).Slide 0: TitleTitle your slide presentation (your name, county, state)Slide 1: Introduction (and demographics)Go to the US Census Bureau Website and enter your county and state: Select your state, then county. Review and compare carefully your county’s demographic data to the state and US. NOTE: The Census Bureau website had a massive update this week. I’m guessing the 2020 census data is the update…. Link to the City-data website for similar information: (Links to an external site.). Just note on your PPT from where the data was derived (rather than census. bureau). Either website will be AOK.Go to your city/county’s tourist or Chamber of Commerce website. Read the introduction and history to your community.Using the above linked information, include:Introduction your county. Include state, geographic location, overall description of whether rural, urban, and, one or two interesting facts.County’s population,distribution of races (highest three),median household income,% living in poverty,% High school and % Bachelor education,% of total population > 16 y/o employed,a map (image) showing where in the state your county is situated.Slide 2 : Two (2) positive health indicatorsLink to the following website to learn about county health rankings. Enter your community’s county and state : Click on your state, > Compare Counties” > Review your county’s health outcomes.Compare your county’s health outcomes and health indicators to your (a) state and the (b) US top performers in the table (you’ll see US and state comparisons with your county).Select Two (2) positive health indicators (i.e. county has less smoking, or, fewer premature deaths than state and national average. ) If your county has not positive health indicates, state this.Provide descriptions of each (positive) health indicator (found on county website > click on blue health indicator link).Provide 2-3 sentence comparing the positive indicators, as they relate to the state and US (see video for where to find this information.If none of the indicators are ‘positive, choose the best of the worst as in the template example (i.e. adult smoking).Slides 3 & 4: Concerning Health Outcomes/IndicatorsSelect four (4) of your community’s most concerning (troubling) health indicators that are worse than the state and US. Choose from among the health outcomes, health behaviors, clinical care and/or social or economic indicators. (i.e., see ppt slides 3 & 4 table examples).Provide a description of each of the four (4) concerning indicators (link on ‘blue’ health indicators in County Health Rankings table that will take you to definitions and descriptions for each.)Provide thorough comparison (2-3 sentence) of each (negative) health indicator as compared to the State and US top performer.Slide 5: Most Urgent IndicatorAnalysis of Most Urgent Indicator: From these four (4) concerning health indicators you selected for your community,Choose the one most urgent indicator that pertains to teens (population of interest). Explain why, of the 4 problem health indicators you report, you believe this one is the most urgent.Slide 6: Healthy People 2030View this video for Slide 6 (HP 2030)Launch External ToolWhich Healthy People 2030 goal /objective does this problem health indicator address? Link here for HP 2030 goals and objectives (i.e. once you’re on the HP 2030 home page, > Objectives & Data > Browse Objectives > i.e., To address a county’s high crime date, look for > Violence Prevention > (choose from any of the objectives.Briefly define and summarize the goal. i(.e., paraphrase this from the overview summary:HP 2030 states that Many people in the United States experience physical and sexual violence. Adolescents are especially at risk for experiencing violence. Children who experience violence as at risk for long-term behavioral and mental health problems. Strategies are needed to protect them from violence to improve their well-being in adult liveIdentify the best objective for your priority (i.e. in above example, one objective might be:HP 2030 Adolescents IVP-18 recommends reducing sexual or physical adolescent dating violence to a target of 11.4 percent.Identify the baseline (i.e.,The Violence Prevention current baseline is 12.6% of students in grades 9 – 12 who reported that they had been forced to do sexual things’ they did not want to do or were physically hurt on purpose one (1) or more times in the past 12 months in 2017).Identify the 2030 target (i.e., 11.4 percent).:Launch External ToolPPT: Community Assessment (.txt)To do for Slide 7:Link here for the CDC Youth Risk Behavior SurveyLink here to download written instructions for finding your YRBS data for slide 7Insert screenshot* of YRBS table. (See slide template for an example)Discuss the relationship between your urgent indicator, HP 2030 objective, and the state’s YRBS survey findings.Support your YRBS findings with the urgent indicator.Think of a PH Intervention you recommend as the next step to promote health for the at-risk community population.1. Name the (a) specific MN PH intervention you recommend. (b) What level the intervention is (Systems, community, individual/family)? (c) Define the intervention.Public Health intervention definitions (PDF)LInk here for The Community health guide which has a community guide to actions.Slide 9: SMART Plan:Good public health practice requires strong objectives in order to monitor progress toward achieving goals and outcomes. Define a simple SMART intervention plan. Review the following pdf file that briefly explains how to write this. For examples, scroll down the page to the tables for ideas: Download this pdf: How to write SMART objectivesDefine your intervention as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-limited. State your plan as a SMART plan: (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-scaled) in 2-3 sentences.Slide 10: Community Assessment ConclusionConclude with a short opinion of your community assessment observations. What were you most surprised to discover about your community? How confident are you in defining a population-of-interest and it’s urgent health indicators?Slide 11: References slideList all references used for this ppt project Use APA format order (authors, date, title, etc.). The hanging indentations do not set in some PPT editions. No penalty if margins do not set in APA spacing or hanging indentations. Use APA 7th ed. order to include the ‘doi.’ All other APA7th ed. qualities are required (organization, sentence structure, grammar, spelling). UWF APA 7 libguide


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