Jovan is a 17-year-old student with autism. He receives special education services in a special education school in Singapore. At school, Jovan receives instruction both in the classroom to improve his vocational, academic, and social skills. In school, Jovan is diligent and methodical in completing the varied tasks assigned to him. Jovan reads grade-level texts independently; however, he demonstrates deficits in reading comprehension and oral expression.

Jovan scored below basic in reading, math, and writing on his examinations; Similarly, his scores on the Weschler Intelligence Test suggest that Jovan’s cognitive functioning is very much below average within the mild intellectual disability range. Results of the Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale suggest that Jovan is functioning below average in communication and socialization alongside the areas of daily living and motor skills.

During his two-week work trial at a fast food restaurant, Jovan’s behavior is appropriate and he has expressed that he likes working. He is punctual each day, and he is willing to stay late when needed. Jovan mentioned that he hopes to get a paycheck. He usually spends his money on fast food and movies at the cinema.

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However, Jovan knows that at times his speech is not understood by people he does not know, so sometimes he avoids talking to people he does not know well. As a result, instead of speaking to his boss during his work trial, Jovan usually tells problems or concerns to his school job coach who visits Jovan at the job site each week.

The job coach conducts vocational training to improve Jovan’s employability skills, supervises and coaches him, design and implements support strategies, and work with his current employer to help students sustain his trial. Jovan’s job coach is concerned that Jovan will not ask for help if an emergency occurs, and that a certain level of communication between Jovan and his boss is necessary to develop a good working relationship.

The boss views Jovan as a valuable employee and is willing to provide opportunities for Jovan to develop appropriate communication skills. The boss has also expressed an interest in employing Jovan for more hours per week after graduation if he continues to develop his vocational skills.

As part of his transition plan, Jovan’s transition team has conducted a thorough ecological assessment to gather updated information about his task performance using an Environmental Job Assessment Measure (E-JAM). Jovan’s E-JAM findings are similar to the information in the earlier paragraphs with regard to his work behaviors, educational standing, and social interaction.

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Jovan’s transition team has begun to plan early for his community inclusion. The team discussed opportunities to participate in community experiences and areas within the community that he can access to meet their post-school living outcomes. In addition, the team has involved his family who is taking more proactive steps to sign him up for suitable programs and services in the community such as Runninghour.

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