Submit a word document with your answers. Label your responses with the letter of the quote.DO NOT REWRITE THE PASSAGE!Reminder: This is an English course; your responses will also be graded in terms of quality written English.Be sure to label your responses with the letter of the quote.DO NOT INCLUDE ANY MATERIAL THAT IS NOT CONTAINED IN COURSE!NO INTERNET SEARCH MATERIAL IS ACCEPTABLE!Write a unified paragraph of five or six sentences. In your paragraph:1. Identify the author and title of the passage2. Locate the passage in the African American literary tradition (what historical era and/or literary period),3. Explain the content (what’s going on) and context (how does it fit into the larger work from which it is excerpted)4. Comment on a theme or subject of the work as illustrated by this passage. (Do not paraphrase.)5. Make sure that your responses take all aspects of the passage, including literary forms or techniques, into account.SEE SAMPLE GUIDE ATTACHED!!!Passages are below:A) “Cause you gots to take care of the older folks. And let them know they still needed to run the mimeo machine and keep the spark plugs clean and fix the mailboxes for folks who might help us get the breakfast program goin, and the school for little kids and the campaign and all. Cause old folks is the nation. That what Nisi was sayin and I mean to do my part.”-Toni Cade Bambara “Gorilla, My Love ” pgs. 842-846 PDF attachedB) “Consider, if you can bear to imagine it, what might have been the result if singing, too, had been forbidden by law. Listen to the voices of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Roberta Flack, and Aretha Franklin, among others, and imagine those voices muzzled for life. Then you may begin to comprehend the lives of our “crazy,” “Sainted” mothers and grandmothers. The agony of the lives of women who might have been Poets, Novelists, Essayists, and Short Story Writers, who died with their real gifts stifled within them.”-Alice Walker “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” pgs. 1180-1188; “Everyday Use” pgs. 1188- 1194 PDF attachedD) “I remember because I won’t receive much of a life. A measure of justice in the world, after all. I receive a compensatory bonus. Since the time between my wake-up call and curfew is so cruelly brief, the speeded-up preview of what will come to pass, my life, my portion, my destiny, my career, slowed down just enough to let me peek. Not slow enough for me to steal much, but I know some of what it contains, its finality, the groaning, fatal weight of it around my neck.”-John Edgar Wideman “newborn thrown in the trash and dies” pgs. 1881-1885 PDF attachedE) “I want you to cut it out, see— The moody stuff, I mean. I don’t like it. You’re a nice-looking girl . . . all over. That’s all you need, honey, forget the atmosphere. Guys aren’t going to go for the atmosphere—they’re going to go for what they see. Be glad for that. Drop the Garbo routine. It doesn’t go with you. As for myself, I want a nice—simple—sophisticated girl . . . not a poet—OK?’”-Lorraine Hansberry “A Raisin in the sun” PDF attachedJ) “When we speak of a “Black aesthetic” several things are meant. First, we assume that there is already in existence the basis for such an aesthetic. Essentially, it consists of an African-American cultural tradition. But this aesthetic is finally, by implication, broader than that tradition. It encompasses most of the usable elements of Third World culture. The motive behind the Black aesthetic is the destruction of the white thing, the destruction of white ideas, and white ways of looking at the world.”-Larry Neal “The Black Arts Movement” pgs. 784-787 PDF attachedK) “And I really hope no white person ever has causeTo write about meBecause they never understandBlack love is Black wealth and they’llProbably talk about my hard childhoodAnd never understand thatAll the while I was quite happy”-Nikki Giovanni “Revolutionary Music pg. 882”; Nikki-Rosa 882;” pg. “Ego Tripping” pgs. 885-886 PDF attachedL) “Milkman took out his wallet and pulled from it his airplane ticket stub, but he had no pencil to write with, and his pen was in his suit. He would just have to listen and memorize it. He closed his eyes and concentrated while the children, inexhaustible in their willingness to repeat a rhythmic, rhyming action game, performed the round over and over again. And Milkman memorized all of what they sang.”-Toni Morrisonhttps://


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