Do the analys please and the conceptYou are the District Sales Manager serving Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Youoversee three regional salespeople, each with their own county. Your product is a consumer good, andit is a leader in its category. You have accepted a promotion at the National Headquarters in New Jerseyand must train and name your replacement. Your company has a strong tradition of promoting fromwithin and a “grow your own” career projection. Here is the job profile for the District Sales Manager:The candidate is a proven leader with strong initiative and goal-setting strategies; three years’experience at a minimum in a regional sales position. The sales manager must have a bachelor’sdegree in Business (Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, or Economics) and preferably anMBA. The candidate must have excellent analytic skills and be able to detect opportunities for marketgrowth and expansion. In addition, the candidate must have outstanding interpersonal skills andunderstand their role as a coach and mentor, as well as a supervisor. The candidate must be willing towork some nights and weekends (approximately two nights a month, and four weekends a year). Thecandidate must have exceeded their own sales quota by at least 20% in the last two years.Preferred but not required for consideration: Bilingual (English and Spanish)MarcyBilingual regional salesperson for Miami-Dade. She has been with the company for 10years; three years in her current position. She is known as a real go-getter, having justcompleted her B.A.S. at Broward, while working FT. She has a strong reputation forbeing a people-person and can often convince direct reports to take on additionalresponsibilities. She exceeded her quota this year by 15% and by 12% the previous year.Would have an issue with some work outside standard schedule due to a familycommitment.KenRegional salesperson for Palm Beach County. He has an MBA and has worked in hiscurrent position for two years. His sales analyses are legendary, and he is able torecognize missed opportunities and grow the market in his region. He can be a bitarrogant and has a reputation for being a micromanager, but he eventually gets results.He does not speak Spanish. He exceeded his quota by 22% last year, and 21% this year.Has no issue with work on occasional night or weekend.MarcoRegional salesperson for Broward, also bilingual. He has been with the company for 8years and will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Management in May 2023. He is themost reserved of the group but gets results through his excellent listening andcommunication skills. He exceeded his quota by 24% last year, and 21% the year before.He has a good eye for identifying internal talent and developing a strong team. No issuewith nights or weekends.ElenaShe is a bilingual salesperson who is working in the Tampa region and would like totransfer to the South Florida group. She has an MBA and has been with the company forfive years. She comes with a strong recommendation from her current supervisor in theTampa office. He has mentioned her strong people skills and results orientation. Shemet her sales quota at 20% this year and was at 18% the year before. Can work nights orweekends as needed.Develop a SWOT analysis for each candidate thoroughly considering all the pros and cons each has.As a team, make a reasoned recommendation to present.


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