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Continuum of Elder Care 2

Frequently Asked Questions on The Continuum of Elder Care Services Available

What is elderly continuum care?

The elderly continuum care refers to the daily care and healthcare that is given to the elderly. Its primary purpose is to enhance advanced medical treatments, recently availed medical technology, and medical procedures to enable people to live their old age well (Hasson et al., 2012).

How are the accommodations like?

This is usually about the residential quarters, the privacy level one can have, personal effects one has to come with, what inhibited items are, whether or not visitation is allowed. When you need medical assistance, make sure you inquire about the available assistance level and the frequency one would expect to be checked upon. In the majority of communities, living arrangements are provided in varying layouts, locations, and sizes. One, therefore, should consider where they will be most comfortable and the kind of floor plan. Also, one should enquire about the available utilities like emergency call system, internet cables, Wi-Fi and their cost, etc. (Cameron et al. 2013).

What can residents with complaints do?

There is no perfect community but conducive to providing reliable care with continuous improvement in service delivery. Thus, they embrace an open-door policy, actively receiving and responding to complaints and feedback from the families, staff, and residents. One opts to enquire how the community manages residents concerns; for instance, the initial stage should be reaching out to the leadership of the community team, followed by the management or ownership….

One should also seek clarification about the feedback loop and if the community has laid down policies for managing concerns and complaints. Good communities should be transparent and promote proper communication between the staff, residents, and families (De Blok et al., 2010).

Which food options are available?

Seniors do have a lot of interest in a healthy and delicious diet. Almost all communities currently provide all-day dining services at different locations like cafes, pubs, and formal dining centers. Availability of food options enhances chances of finding a more delicious, healthy, and enjoyable meal. In addition, whoever has special dietary requirements should inquire how the community will accommodate them, such as those taking low sodium or being vegetarian (Pratt, 2009).

Which is the continuum of available medical care?

The majority of the elderly anticipating senior living communities need or may need medical care regularly opt to understand their medical requirements. For example, one should understand how the community supports residents cognitive, emotional and physical needs (Hasson et al., 2012).

What are independent living facilities?

Independent living is the most appropriate choice for adults that can safely live on their own. The category, though, may need regular assistance with instrumental activities of housekeeping and household maintenance. With the improved technological supports, the elderly can now live more comfortably without frequent assistance from care providers (Pratt, 2009).

What is Assisted Living?

This refers to where the care is offered within an apartment with various sections secluded for social activities, interactions, and meals. The care is offered to those who require assistive services or, in some instances, all the residents. As a result, there can be coexistence among the residents that require special care services and those that can live independently. Also, based on the providers preferences, the services level vary within various communities. For instance, in some communities, those with physical frailties are given lighter care. On the other…

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