The fosters (TV- show)1. Identifying informationa. Include a narrative bio-psycho-social- spiritual background stories of the entire family include identification with the memberships and when the more racials athletic cultural religions groups their Lifestyles socioeconomic class education professional jobs oppressed groups memberships members of at risk populations where they have live grew up Etc.B. Include a genograph graphic representations of the family genograph create contrast a detailed genograph of the family of origin covering at least three generations include all family members living or dead name genders age relationship education’s death cause of date chronic conditions significant traumas or other information’s significant to each individual Etc. must include a key include other information that may be relevant adoptions pregnancies separations current locations Etc.2. Assessing the presenting problems issue dysfunction goalA. Nature of the problem issues that functional goals i. when did it start how bad severe it was how long has it persistedIs it correlated to any development events in any family members traumas crisis Etc ii. what has its impacts been on the family functioning what is each family members perspective of problemiii. What are the problems implications of the family’s future functioning if not resolved further exacerbation of the problem with the eventually likely affect other spirits of family functioning such as Communications weekend family bonds How willing is each family member to receive outside professional help vi. What type of outside help that may have already been used or not to be used how helpful successful those previous efforts was what is different this time around that has profit in this family to help again vii are there any skills inventories available to access the nature of this problem if so what skill inventory might be family communication substance abuse scales depression scales Etc please identify the scale by name and site appropriately3. Structure boundaries i. Roles formal informal that each family member plays in the family how satisfies our members about these roles and roles changes ii. Support and expectations who feels or receive support in who does not iii. Relationship hierarchy triangles alliance subsystems how do any factions within your family help hinder the family progress at this stage has related to the problem resolution iv. Power who holds it is subjected to it how is power expressed exercise and how does power have any relations to the presenting problem issue thy function goal v. External boundaries loyalty to family relationships with outside is particular as related to this problem Etc.4. The family through the lifespana. What are the significant historical backgrounds information details that are the center perpetuation exacerbation Etc of this family problem issue by functional goal is it a history of trauma crisis alcohol or other substance abuse some type of abuse poor communication poor problem solving skills EtcB. Does this problem issue that function goal relate to the development issue of a specific family member or members somebody marrying or leaving the house the birth of a child death of a child another family member moving away from home to attend college somebody become an ill or needed caregiving from family members ect.5. Select a model of theory of Social Work treatment that you will find useful to help resolve the presenting problem issue thy function or reach its goala. Explain a bit about this Theory is connections tense Logics purpose strategies in the rationale behind choosing it to address the family’s problem include a brief discussion of any pertinent diagnostic information only as if it would be consideration for selecting your particular Theory approachB. How would the family problem issue dysfunction goal be conceptualized using issues communication problems unsolved trauma EtcC. How would you implement this Theory approach to help the family resolve their problem what are family therapists in the family members supposed to do to resolve the family problemd. What specific treatment techniques might be used in this model theory that would be particularly helpful towards resolving the problem and why do you think this6. New insights add any information that you have thought of to add clinical or theoretical richness in depth to Your family of origin paper for example during this process of writing this paper did you gain any new insights or epiphanies about any related to the problem it’s causes origins resolutions or the approach that you have will use to work with your friend with your family.


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