This is a book analysis/review assignment for the following book: “The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time” for an Abnormal Psychology class. This is regarding autism spectrum disorder.<
The link for the audiobook is:<
The instructions for the assignment are:<
Book Review/Analysis Paper Guidelines<
You will write a review/analysis paper on:<
Haddon, M. (2003). The curious incident of the dog in the night-time. Double Day/Random House.<
1. In the Book Review section, (8 points) please provide a relatively concise, but complete, synopsis of the storyline in the book. Someone who has not read the book should have a pretty good sense of the story from reading your synopsis. You do not need to cite the book in this section.<
• Describe major characters (2 points)<
• Character struggles/conflicts (2 points)<
• Identify the specific disorder the character is diagnosed with in the book (2 points)<
• Conflict resolution (2 points)<
2. In the next section, Analysis, (15 points) please provide a very detailed comparison of the disorder depicted in the book. Autism Spectrum Disorder is covered in chapter 13, Alzheimer’s disease is covered in chapter 14, and substance use disorders are covered in chapter 10 of the textbook.<
• Provide relevant information and an overall description of the disorder, including DSM 5 criteria. (5 points)<
o You are required to use 4 primary source, empirical, peer reviewed articles (2013 to current).<
? Sources should support, for example, current treatments, prevalence rates, etiology of illness, and so on. Cite appropriately.<
o Use the textbook to identify the DSM 5 criteria. Cite appropriately.<
• Discuss the DSM criteria the main character (Alice, Christopher, or Nic) demonstrates throughout the book. (5 points).<
o Include multiple, specific examples of relevant behaviors from the selected book to support your conclusion (meaning, the disorder the main character demonstrates). (5 points)<
o Use the textbook. Cite appropriately.<
3. In the last section, Reflection, (3 points) please provide:<
• Your personal reactions about the book (1.5 points)<
• How it has changed your attitudes, assumptions, or beliefs about mental illnesses in general and/or this disorder in particular. (1.5 points)<
o Please identify yourself as “this author” in this section.<
o You will not be graded on the specific content of this section, but rather evidence that you completed this section with careful thought and self-reflection.<
Technical Stuff<
The paper must include 4 primary, empirical sources (journal articles). (4 points).<
• Sources should support, for example, current treatments, prevalence rates, etiology of illness, and so on. The 4 sources should be empirical, primary source, peer reviewed research articles.<
• Please use the 4 primary sources (empirical and peer reviewed) (2013 to current) in the Analysis section with citations in appropriate APA formatting.<
Technical accuracy (8 points) (spelling, grammar, use of complete sentences, etc.).<
• Avoid labeling.<
• Do not use first person. Identify yourself as “this author”.<
• Minimum of 4 pages in length not counting title page and reference list.<
Include a reference page in proper APA formatting at the end of your paper that includes a reference for each of the following:<
• the textbook (located on the first page of the syllabus),<
o The textbook needs to be referenced throughout the Analysis section.<
• the book you selected to read, (see above)<
• 4 primary sources you chose to use in your paper.<
o The primary source articles need to be referenced throughout the Analysis section.<
• The case study book, if used.<
• Make sure the citations match the reference list.<
Turnitin will be used on this assignment. A score of 5% or less is acceptable.<
Other Information<
You are required to use the template provided for you.<
• Points will be deducted if you do not use the template.<
• Keep all headers within the template.<
You may not use direct quotes. State everything in your own words.<
You may not use “I” pronouns, instead use “this author”<
Do not use a list format or bullet points. This assignment must include complete sentences and full paragraphs.<
Indent each paragraph, use correct punctuation and grammar, and do not number the paragraphs.<
Attached is the template for the paper.<


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