This is a scaffolded assignment. The introduction and scope is complete and articles have been selected which are listed on the referencepage.Literature review elements:IntroductionDefine problem area. Why is this important?: Much of this information should come from your first research question assignment. However,you must ensure that you provide significant background information to demonstrate the importance of this issue. Think about questions such as, “How large is this population and how many within this population are dealing with this issue?”, “What are the antecedents that may leadup to this population to have this problem?”, “What are the outcomes for this population if this issue is not addressed?”. There may be otherquestions to address, but this gives you a good start.Introduce research question: This should not be fancy. Remember Occam’s Razor. Simply introduce your research question as the purpose of your review.Scope of the reviewThis is simply a summary of your process from the second research question assignment. You should not spend pages explaining your process. Instead, summarize your process, including the databases, limits, and keywords you used, along with your search date parameters. Youwant to demonstrate in this section that you conducted a comprehensive review of the literature and provide at least an initial basis forreplication should one wish to do so.Review of the literatureSynthesis of major findings: Here is where an outline of your review will be helpful, assuming you created one. Remembering your purpose for the review, provide a thorough analysis of the literature. Be comprehensive, but not overly wordy. Aside from outcomes, you might alsoconsider addressing issues related to theory, methodological elements, or other themes that you notice throughout your reading that wouldcontribute to your discussion of the problem and/or intervention. Remember that you are probably the only person to have ever assimilated this particular grouping of articles together, so you have the ability to provide a unique perspective of what the literature tells you.ConclusionSummarize the major findings from your review: This should not be lengthy, but it should be a solid summary.Critique of overall literature: strengths, limitations, gaps in the literature: You may find information for this section in the articles themselves,but you should also provide your own insights. As noted above, you are probably the only person to have ever assimilated this particulargrouping of articles together, so you have the ability to provide a unique perspective of what the literature tells you.Answer your research question: Recommendations/implications for current practice and research: Given what you’ve learned from your review, what are your treatment recommendations? Make sure to justify your recommendations. Similarly, what recommendations for future research do you have in this area?


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