Type a two-page reflection in which you answer some of the following questions:A major focus of this course was how writing is impacted by the purpose of the writing and the audience that will be reading your writing. What have you learned about how writing changes depending on the type of genre and the audience?Use specific examples from your Assignment 4 (The Argumentative Research Essay) in contrast to your Assignment 5 (The Public Writing Project) to show how purpose and audience lead to different types of writing.When you were creating your research essay, what were some of your major concerns?Response:*My first major concern was finding the right sources,*The second concern was finding a counterargument source as well as how to include them in the essay.*The last concern was how to start the introduction of the essay as well as how to formulate the ending/conclusion.When you were creating your Assignment 5 (The Public Writing Project), were your concerns the same or different?Response:*When assignment 5, my only concern was how will I formulate/structure/design my PowerPoint so that it looks good enough.How did you accommodate your different audiences in Assignment 5 (The Public Writing Project)?Finding reputable sources and using them correctly has been another focus of the class. Considering the sources used and citations you created in the class, respond to some of the following questions:What were some of the best and worst parts of using the college databases? If there were any obstacles to finding good sources, how did you overcome those?Response:*The worst part of using the college database was not being able to find the right source that gives you the feeling of being linked together.*The only way for me to overcome it was finding (a) source(s) that have a similar topic/idea.How comfortable were you with citations entering the class, and how comfortable do you feel leaving?Response:*When entering the class, I was not comfortable with citations at all, but now, I somewhat feel comfortable with them.Knowing what you know now about checking sources, will that cause you to seek different sources in your other studies? What about in your life outside college?Response:*It most definitely will cause me to seek different sources in my other studies as well as in my life outside college.Overall, what about the course and projects were fun or hard, interesting or surprising?Response:*The project/assignment that I had the most fun with was assignment 5 (The Public Project Writing) because it was very easy to do, and really enjoyed doing it.*The hardest assignment was assignment 4 (The Argumentative Research Essay) because it was too long to begin with, then there was finding all the right sources which was a hassle, then there was the brainstorming idea and structure part which gave me headaches. The other hardest assignment was the e-book assignment, which was more annoying than hard.*The first assignment I found interesting was the “summary essay assignment” because I felt like it was so similar to the close reading essay assignment, as well as “the essay analysis” and “the synthesis essay”.*The other assignment I found interesting as well as surprising was the “Annotated Bibliography assignment”. and the “Source Log assignment”.How will what you learned in this class impact your future studies?Note:Assignment 4 (The Argumentative Research Essay) ==> “Cyberwarfare Revised Fianl Paper.docx”Assignment 5 (The Public Writing Project) ==> “The PowerPoint Public Writing Project. pptx”No sources are required for the reflection, but if they are used, make sure to cite them.


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