Running head: HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN House Building Project Plan- Part I John Student West Coast University HA 555 Project Management Ron J. Macias, Ed.D., MHA, BS/HCM June 23, 2027 1 HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 2 House Building Project Plan After years of hard working, the Simpsons, Julia and Bob, decided to construct their own high-quality, custom home that fits their needs and those of their two kids. The following project plan is to build their dream house of 2,900-square-foot, 3-bath, 4-bedroom, and an exquisite yard within a budget of $550,000. The project management company believes that effective project management is heavily dependent on utilizing the available powerful set of tools to improves their ability to plan, implement, and manage activities to accomplish specific customer objectives. Additionally, the company understands that the primary function of project management is to balance the trade-offs between time, cost, and performance while ensuring customer satisfaction (Larson & Gray, 2014). Therefore, this project plan is designed to build the Simpsons’ dream house with all the needed and agreed on amenities within the specified budget of $500,000 and a duration of 7 months. The project plan provides detailed project scope, objectives, work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Responsibility Matrix, goals, milestones, and project budget in addition to any limitations and exclusions to keep the project within budget and time frame. Project Scope Details To set the stage for developing a successful project plan, a project scope statement is needed to define the end result or mission of the project. A project scope states project deliverables as clearly as possible to the customers, which is fundamental and essential to focus the project plan. A poorly defined scope or mission is the most frequently well-known barrier to project success (Larson & Gray, 2014). The project manager is responsible for making sure that there is a documented agreement with the owners on project objectives, deliverables at each stage of the project, like technical requirements, specifications, and exclusions. HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 3 Project Objective To construct a high-quality, custom home with a 2,900-square-foot, 3-bath, 4-bedroom, and a backyard. The project should be completed within 7 months at a cost not to exceed $ 550,000. A project objective is the first step in setting a clear project scope and it is designed to answer the questions of what, when, and how much (Larson & Gray, 2014). Deliverables • A 2,900-square-foot, 3-bath, 4-bedroom, and a backyard, finished home. • A 600-square-foot finished garage with insulation, sheetrocked walls, and motor operated door. • Kitchen cabinets with sink and granite counter top. • Kitchen appliances include a gas range, an oven, a microwave, and a dishwasher. • High-efficiency gas furnace with programmable thermostat. The above is a list of specifications representing the major deliverables that are expected and measurable outputs over the life of the project. Additionally, these deliverables are requirements specified by the customer. The 2,900-square-foot, 3-bath, and 4-bedroom house will be built based on the construction blueprints provided by the customer and approved by the construction permit. The company will build a 600-square-foot finished garage and install insulation (as described in technical requirements), sheetrocked walls and motor operated door that has 2 years warranty. Kitchen cabinets, granite, sink, faucet, and the specified appliances are to be selected by the customer from the Home Depot within a budget not exceeding $7000. HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 4 Milestones 1. File Building Permit Application – April 5, 2018 2. Excavate for foundation – April 14, 2018. 3. Rough Carpentry – May 3, 2018. 4. Plumbing and Electrical Rough-in – June 10, 2018. 5. Kitchen installation – July 15, 2018. 6. Paint – August 6, 2018. 7. Final Walk-through – September 15, 2018. 8. Move-in – September 19, 2018. The above milestones are representing the significant events in the project with their occurrence time. The milestone list above shows rough-cut estimates of time for the major segments of project work. Additionally, these milestones are using the deliverables as a platform to identify major segments of the work and the end date. The selection of these milestones is based on the ease of their recognition by all project stakeholders as natural, important control points in the project life cycle (Larson & Gray, 2014). Technical Requirements 1. Home must meet local building codes. 2. All windows and doors must pass the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) class 40 energy ratings. HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 5 3. Exterior wall insulation must meet an “A” factor of 21. 4. Ceiling insulation must meet an “R” factor of 38. 5. Floor insulation must meet an “R” factor of 25. 6. Garage will have a motor operated door that has 2 years warranty. 7. Structure must pass seismic stability codes. The above listed technical requirements are specifics to ensure proper performance. They are listed with the intention of clarifying the deliverables and defining performance specifications (Larson & Gray, 2014). The house must meet all California’s building codes of safety and energy saving requirements. Limits and Exclusions 1. The home will be built to the specifications and design of the customer provided blueprints. 2. Owner is responsible for landscaping. 3. Refrigerator is not included among kitchen appliances. 4. Air conditioning is not included; but, prewiring is included. 5. Contractor reserves the right to contract out services (outsourcing). 6. Contractor responsible for subcontracted work. 7. Site work is limited to Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 6 The above list of project limits and exclusions defines the agreed upon project scope. The limits are listed to set the specific expectations and to avoid scope creep while the project is in progress. Scope creep, which is a change to the baseline scope, can affect several areas of the project from deliverables to deadlines. The exclusions are listed to clearly define the exact boundary of the project and clearly state what is not included in the project (Larson & Gray, 2014). Outsourcing, on the other hand, is the process of dedicating specific project parts to an outside provider. Outsourcing has the advantages of cost reduction, faster project completion, high level of expertise, and flexibility (Larson & Gray, 2014). The project management company is responsible for contracting and supervising the outside venders to ensure they are meeting project deliverables and specification. Customer Review Julia and Bob Simpson This section is added here to specify who is/ are the project’s costumer(s) responsible for the completion of the scope checklist. Additionally, it provides an acknowledgment that the customer(s) understand and agree on project expectations, making sure the customers are getting what they desire in the project deliverables within the specified budget and time frame (Larson & Gray, 2014). Conclusions Project management is key to the success of any project regardless of it complexity. Small projects, like going on a trip require proper planning and management, as well as large HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 7 projects, like constructing a house. Project managers (PMs) with their extensive experience can envision the end product (mission or objective) of a project and break down the project into smaller work packages that are more manageable and trackable. These activities are detailed in the project’s baseline plan. The project plan specifies the project’s scope, listing objectives, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), responsibility matrix, goals, milestones, and project budget in addition to any limitations and exclusions to keep the project within budget and time frame. Additionally, the main objective of project management is to ensure serving the specific needs of the customer. The project plan serves as a great document to specify the project’s scope and deliverables avoiding any miscommunicated requirement that could lead to project delay or cancelation. HOUSE BUILDING PROJECT PLAN 8 References Larson, E., & Gray, C. (2014). Project management: The managerial process. (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Hello PM’s, Less than two weeks left and you are done with this course and this term…..hang in there – you got this!!! You are all doing a great job! As you approach the final two assignments of this course, I would like to provide you with some helpful information that will hopefully make the remaining two assignments a bit easier for you. First – select a project that you are familiar with and can enjoy creating a project for – some examples include, but are not limited to: (Healthcare-related) – acquiring and implementing a new system and/or application, designing a hospital waiting room, rehabilitation center, or treatment center, designing, and implementing a new Covid area or service area in or outside the medical center, hospital awards ceremony – banquet, acquisition and implementation of laptops, tablets, or cell phones. (Non-healthcare related) – wedding and reception, planning a vacation, planning a graduation and ceremony, landscaping your front or backyard, building a backyard BBQ, deck and/or terrace, etc. Note – I highly recommend you do NOT choose a project that is similar to any help information, documentation, or assignments we have worked on so far in this class – bathroom, kitchen, building redesign/remodeling similar to the example document), etc. There is a tendency for students to ‘use’ the exact information from the assignment(s) or help information, diagrams, examples – THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. The content of your assignment needs to be your own to receive a high grade and maximum points. Please note – the key to success with the week 7 & 8 assignments is to follow the example paper “format” provided for each assignment. Make sure you have the same sections (with your own content) and Appendix items (week 8 only). For week 7 make sure your lists are bullets (vertical list). Your diagrams in the week 8 assignment ‘will’ be different, as well as the content in all of the tables and project schedule. Note – you do not have to re-invent the wheel….copy the ‘tables’ over and just ‘gut’ the information out of it and enter your own information. I am not grading you on how you create a table, so please do not spend extra time creating your own tables. This goes with the diagrams, too. I am attaching template diagrams and table templates so you can use them [see email for all help docs] – just modify/update the content as you need to for your individual projects. Just add and/or delete boxes, fields, lines, arrows, etc. You are all aware of Turnitin, so I know you will not use the same content (as it will be picked-up). Keep your Turnitin percentage (%) low. Note – Turnitin does not check diagrams, arrows, boxes, tables, lines, structures, etc. – only ‘text’ content, so do not worry about using an empty table from the templates I am attaching to this email. Remember, I am here to assist you….so please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance. Here’s a help video for your review for week 8: (just so you have it early). NOTE – start working on the Appendix section early as the diagrams can take time. [See email for video] spx?id=834b8fb3-c4cf-4f58-868c-ad27017b0cfc (Note – if you cannot view the page information – open the document I will send tomorrow in the weekly Wednesday Remind msg. – I am attaching it again to this message and follow along as I present the information) If you have any questions or need assistance, contact me via the Remind App. Finish this course and this term strong! Take care and be safe. Dr. Macias


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