Walton-Fisette/Wuest: Foundations of Physical Education, Exercise, Science, And Sport, 20e
Chapter 14
Sport Careers
Chapter Overview
). Review the latest Race and Gender Report Cards. Discuss your findings relative to hiring practices and representation in different sport organizations.
5. Are eSports really sport?
6. Discuss each of the talking points identified in the social justice box in the text. In addition, what other issues related to social justice need to be addressed as they relate to careers in sport? What specific steps could you take to address issues related to social justice?
7. Discuss each of the trends identified in the current trends box in the text. What is one trend you see today in related to careers in sport that will impact you and/or your career path in the future?
Self-Assessment Activities
These activities are designed to help students determine if they have mastered the materials and competencies presented in this chapter.
1. Blogging is a popular way for professionals and fans to share news on what is happening in sports. Using one of the free blogging sites, create a blog on a specific theme or sport, adding at least four posts on your topic. Share your blog with other people in your class and invite them to comment.
2. If possible, interview individuals working in sport management positions. Ask each person to define his or her responsibilities and the skills that are the most helpful in the performance of the job. Determine the entry-level positions in this area. Ask each individual for suggestions about advancing to top-level managerial positions in the field.
3. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of pursuing a performance career. Since performance careers may be of short duration, how can individuals prepare for another career after the culmination of their performance career? Select one professional athlete in any sport and research his or her background. Trace the athlete’s career path, starting from their beginning interest in the sport to the current time. Be sure to include information about the athlete’s education.
4. Using the information provided in the Get Connected box, locate an article on a topic of interest related to sport management, sport media, dance, officiating, or athletics. Write a brief summary of the article, identifying five key points and what you have learned.
5. Select a game to watch, either live or on TV. Use Twitter or another microblogging site to follow a game, sending out tweets to keep your classmates informed of the game’s action.
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