Week 7 Interview with a ProfessionalTotal Points Possible 100This assignment reflects weeks of thoughtful planning and execution by learners as the collective results of the interview with a professional practitioner in psychology are to be presented in the report submitted.Interview QuestionsAt least 20 interview questions should be submitted for review.The interview cannot be conducted before questions have been approved; approval and/or revision requests will be sent by MyCampus email.Questions should inquire about job responsibilities; academic preparation for entry into the field including course work and practical hands-on training, on-the-job training and experience; continuing education and licensing requirements; recommended courses; job satisfaction, pay range and work environment; work/home life balance, avoiding “burn-out” and recommendations to those entering the field.InterviewsInterviewees must have a masters or doctoral degree in psychology and can be working in any specialization in the field of psychology.***Interviewee must have at least one year of experience in order to satisfy the experience needed to justify the question responses. See rubric for grading criteria regarding this.If interviewee has fewer than 12 months of experience, instructor approval will need to be obtained prior to interview.Interviews may be conducted on-site, by teleconference, or web conference.A brief letter of documentation from the interviewee indicating that the interview was conducted should be submitted to the course instructor’s MyCampus email address, available on the classroom home screen, the student should be copied on the email and maintain it for his/her records.ReportArticulating the questions asked during the interview and the interviewee’s answers, develop the paper to be submitted in Week 7.In the introduction of the report, identify the interviewee by his or her professional title, academic degree, and number of years of experience in an introduction paragraph prior to the first question/answer pair.Identify the questions asked by using bold font and note the response provided directly below, removing the bold font.Close the work with a substantive and cohesive section, describing what was learned during the interview, whether the interviewed provided insight that may serve may affect the direction of the student’s career path, and the most beneficial aspect of the interview assignment.Include a minimum 8 to 10 pages, not including the required APA formatted title page; a reference page is NOT required as personal communications are not listed on reference pages.The basic parts of a paper should also be included; these are the opening, introduction section, the body of the paper (substituted by the interview questions/answer section), and a conclusion that encompasses the points outlined in the instructions.The APUS Library provides APA formatting resources at [email protected] You may also see Purdue’s OWL for general APA formatting information and for formatting help on many topics.


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