NUR1213 NUR 2
Re: scholarly writing assignment
This writing assignment will enhance your understanding of topic required for NUR1213 NUR2 as well as demonstrate your ability to write a short, academic, APA formatted paper.
Directions :
1. Choose one of the LWW Articles related to the first 6 weeks of NUR1213.
2. Read and summarize the article in your own words. If you choose to quote any information, be sure to cite the original author in APA format.
3. Type this paper, use double-spacing, and your font should be “Times New Roman” in size 12.
Be sure to check both spelling and grammar prior to submitting.
4. Include a cover page and a reference page. These are separate pages and are not included in the 3 pages of content required.
5. Make sure the content is a maximum of 3 pages. Explain the condition or topic you have chosen in your own words.
6. Use the student library to access to add at least one additional reference/article on the same topic – to support your statements and increase your understanding of the topic.
7. Sample headings may include but are not limited to:
· Introduction
· The disease condition or topic
· Summary paragraph to include a conclusive statement. (I suggest using a reflective statement as to what you have learned doing this assignment).
· Reference page
Please see the Grading Rubric below. This assignment is due by week 6


Below Expectations (0-7)

Meets Expectation (8)

Exceeds Expectations (8-10)


Introduction of Topic/description

Introduces/describes is unclear, leaves out two or more main ideas crucial to demonstrating understanding of the topic.

Introduces/describes the topic but leaves out 1 component or main idea to demonstrate understanding of the topic.

Introduces/describes the topic clearly and includes all crucial components demonstrating comprehensive understanding of the topic.

/ 10


No main idea identified or vague sense of main idea, weakly supported throughout the paper.

The main idea is threaded throughout most of the paper.

Clearly presents the main idea and supports it throughout the paper.

/ 10


Paper is haphazardly expressed, lacks logical organization and is difficult to follow.

Content of paper has minor flaws in flow or organization of main ideas.

Content is clearly expressed and organization is logical and easy to follow.

/ 10

Supporting literature/article

Lacks any supportive literature, references do not apply to the main topic.

Supporting literature/article related to main topic but is not fully explained and/or references only partially apply to topic.

Supporting literature is pertinent and is clearly explained. Content supports the main ideas of the paper.

/ 10


None or minimal examples of reflection and analysis noted. Mostly generalized statement, uses all quotations and does not present topic in their own words.

Adequate reflection of the topic, uses examples or quotations only as needed. Presents ideas clearly and in their own words.

Clearly presented, detailed ideas and statements in the student’s own words only using key citations as needed.

/ 10


Lacks a conclusive statement. No demonstration of what student has learned.

Conclusive statement included but is difficult to follow or understand. Unclear what student has learned.

Clearly delineated conclusive statement or summary of what the student has learned.

/ 10


Used the one article furnished and did not include one journal article using student library access or used a website link and not an article.

Used the article provided and supplied at least one additional journal article.

Used the journal article provided and supplied more than one additional article or citation from the textbook to support the topic.

/ 10

APA format (title, reference page and content of maximum 3 pages)

5 or more APA errors.

3 to 4 APA errors.

2 or fewer APA errors

/ 10

Grammar, punctuation, spelling

Over 4 mistakes.

Less than 4 mistakes.

2 or fewer mistakes.

/ 10


1 page or less

Less than 2 pages

3 pages in length

/ 10




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